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  • Nice but...

    posted by andreshans

    Bought this to my fiance, she had to do a meeting and show a prezzi and a powerpoint presentation, it worked out of the box on his W7 notebook, also tested it on my Linux notebook and worked really nice over libreoffice and firefox.Nice range, it worked from like 6m away. Laser pointer is really handy and bright
    nice range, will buy more for gift
    ideal cheap gift for Christmas to some who is not too close,
  • Works as advertised!

    posted by Sameera

    Tons of features. Comes with 3 modes of operation: Presentation, multimedia and general. Great for conducting presentations as well as control a movie playing on your PC from a far (i.e bed :D)Works without software installations (as advertised). Tested on Windows 7.
    There seems to be a few undocumented ports on the device. Wondering what that's all about :D
    Good product. I've already recommended it to my friends!
  • Excellent companion for professional presentation delivery

    posted by puterfixer

    - Looks and feels well built.- Wrist strap keeps it secure, and the pouch is a thoughtful way to protect it from dust and scratches while travelling.- Has the right size and low weight, making it easy to hold for extended periods of time.- Buttons are well sized and correctly placed to be easy to find, without making accidental clicks.- Tested in an open space office environment (with lots of wireless mice and a few wireless networks, so plenty of potential radio interference), and works flawlessly from 20-25 meters away (60-75 feet).- Does the same thing as a more expensive, brand-name presenter, without the unnecessary LCD screen or buttons extremely rarely used.- The nano receiver was immediately detected by Windows 7/PowerPoint and all necessary drivers were automatically installed online, making this a true plug and play device without the need to carry around a CD with drivers or utilities. When not in use, the receiver can be stored in a slot under the battery cover.
    Finally unchained from the laptop's keyboard!!!
    If you frequently deliver presentations or trainings and crave the freedom to move naturally in the room while talking, this presenter is one of those little things that can turn a good presentation into a sensational one. Do your audience a favor and buy it, so that you can focus on interacting with them rather than focusing on your laptop. Out of the tens of similar products, this is among the few with the right set of functions and the right placement of buttons, without the cost of a brand-name presenter.
  • Very simple and nice

    posted by btxenon

    * Very nice and useful.* Plug and play.* Fairly good price.* Comes with a sturdy case.* Laser has enough power.
    I recommend this purchase. I wasn't just looking for a pointer that works well, i wanted it to be nice. For this price has been an excellent buy, I hope to use it a lot in my presentations.
    Buy it if you make presentations frequently, or just want to give a more professional image
  • Presentador remoto

    posted by burrix

    It is very easy to use, the holster protects you from loss of components, utilza AAA battery, that's great, off button, and buttons to enter and exit full screen,The laser is very crisp maybe 5mW
    took three weeks using it with the battery which was included and works well there seems little power consumption, but during class my friends play with the laser, it is hard work
    We use it every day in the classroom are 25 people, does its job perfectly, I recommend

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