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You will be surprised our best wireless keyboard mouse combo with an artful design and an amazing price. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

wireless keyboard mouse combo Customers Reviews

  • this is just a great PRODUCT!

    posted by rubendleon

    - It looks just nice. A very good plastic with a nice terminations for both, the keyboard and the mouse.- I can be at bed coding with 3 to 4 meters of distance of my PC and it works just fine.- This keyboard works even at a low level, I'm talking about DOS and/or the BIOS. So if you are at the BIOS section yo will be able to work all around without a wired keyboard, since this keyboard will work out for you
    It would be nicer to have CapsLock and BloqNum lights for a better handling, but I understand that it would hurts a little bit the performance of the batteries...
    I'm very happy with this product, DX is always amazing me with these products. A very low price a very high quality.
  • It really looks great, so pleased!

    posted by wulfies

    It's really smooth to touch, the built quality is good, it seems to be made out of bamboo and, well, it's stunningly elegant!
    I haven't tested the wireless range, so who knows.The keys are kind of slim. I personally don't find that a problem, but it might be for some.Bear in mind it has an English QWERTY key setup, I personally don't mind that even though most of the time I use another setup.It does have some useless internet, calculator, etc. keys, that with a little tweaking can be reprogrammed.The keyboard does have the little legs on the back so you can lift it, but they are rather short for my liking (i.e. you don't get much of an elevation).The instructions aren't that clear, to power off the mouse you've got to keep pressed the reset button.
    Nothing more to say, the keyboard was way better than what I awaited, the mouse, on the other had, was within my expectations.It's not cheap.It should be in a place where it can stand out, I mean, the best part of the set is the amazing look.
  • Great Wireless + Mouse Wireless

    posted by cwolff

    Great build qualityAwesome range. In open space, could reach more than 10 meters!Great for pointing and typing device for Android TV devices.Mouse is big enough, like a desktop mouse. It's not that mini mouse size like the one used in notebookUSB dongle NANO! Great improvement over SKU 35774 for the same manufacurer (other great keyboard combo)
    Works perfects out-of-the-box in Windows, Linux, even in Android TV player with usb port. The nano usb dongle make it perfectly to use with notebooks.I don't use keyboard all time, but in notebook i use this mouse oftenBatteries lasts a lot! 3 months so far (mouse consume fast than keyboard)
    This is far one of the best wireless keyboard i've ever have. I own more than 3 for my family. I have no interest in other brands
  • Bought this in 2011 and just realized how great it is.

    posted by Reinhardt

    Keyboard- Compact: Perfect to take it with me when i travel.- Very comfortable typing- Nice stainless steel bottomMouse- Even with big hands, this mouse fits my hand comfortably- Great response- Perfect accuracy- Invisible tracking laserBoth- After using this product for one and a half years, I still haven't changed batteries. And it is not everyday that i remember to turn them off.
    I bought this on November 2011 and I'm pretty sure that when i'm done with this, i'll buy another one. That is if DX still has this on its catalog.
    Even though this is a little bit pricey, it is worth the money.
  • Simple, Sleek Design and Quiet

    posted by miragemp

    Easy to install, just plug it and it's ready to use. No driver is needed.I like the design, so simple and sleek, a great companion with your elegant black themed computer system.Its wireless capability makes it convenient to move around your workplace and adjust with your comfort.Keys are soft and quiet, very good for noise free environment and less stress to hands.
    So far I have an environment with full of 2.4Ghz devices, and this device is working well with no interference with other devices with same range of frequency. Thanks to its frequency hopping.
    This is a great buy if you want to have a BANG-for-the-BUCK Wireless keyboard-mouse Combo. Rapoo is a great brand and respected. If you want to get away from the wire mess of your wired mouse-keyboard devices, buy this one.And Hey! I am using it now! :D


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