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  • for my grandma

    posted by sabotajj

    the coverage is very good. we put in one end of the house and we called it from the other end. it was working fine.then we tried from the neighbour. still working.
    its great present for a grandma.they will not only call you for asking where their keys are.
    its a nice one. if your interested, there are models with more terminals
  • I like it

    posted by cakeslice

    -many different tunes to choose from
    -price is decent for a doorbell
    -comes with adhesive for sticking to wall
    -looks nicer than some of the other doorbells on the site in my opinion (no logo on it)
    -volume is loud enough
    We will see how this holds up in weather, and I'm not how strong the adhesive is that it came with. I like the many tunes I think I will make it a Christmas song in the winter :)
    I like it, I think the many tunes are fun (although I think I'll stick to the regular ringing one for awhile)
  • Super quality, super price

    posted by chtrox

    - Theh Battery 23A is included (you need to get to an expert store to get one of these, as it is not as usual as 2A or 3A batteries)- Easy to install (you just stick the bell or mount in the wall and mount the bell inside the house or store you want it to be used)- Easy to use (just press the button)- Low price- Supports long distance between receiver and bell
    Easy for beginners, very good price. I needed nearly 4 times the price to get such a product in Greece.Haven't tested yet the duration of the battery lasting.
    Best value for money product in category!
  • Very good but manual should be provided

    posted by FrancoisP611

    good quality remote control, good knops protection. Site technical datas should say this is inverter only switch (and NO pulse).
    a manual should explain you can program other remotes with the little push button on the circuit...(push when emitting). Everybody is not electronic "wise" engineer...
    Anyway, very good system.
  • great remote control. perfect backup for my device

    posted by bilal85

    good remote! works perfect! i bought it as a replacement for the one i had! works well no problems perfect to use with ZK7 2-Channel Wireless Remote Control Switch - Grey SKU 186561
    if you have ZK7 2-Channel Wireless Remote Control Switch - Grey SKU 186561 and u need a spare remote! this is the one to have
    works great with ZK7 2-Channel Wireless Remote Control Switch - Grey SKU 186561

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