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  • Work Well, good range and easy

    posted by ErKabi

    Using with the arduino's nrf905 library is very easy. Currently, I am using a pair to send and recive the possition of joystick.Only works with 3.3V ... Usually arduino works with 5V.... is needed a level convertion with a voltager divider or using the product 178286.Good range: arround 40meters with a big walls between and the signal was recieved well.
    A lot of wires to communicate, only a few pins free to use with another devices (if you have a arduino One... if you have a Mega don't have this problem).
    If you don't worry abount free pins this is your item. Better price than a Xbee or XRF module.
  • Nice for short distance wireless projects

    posted by paflviet

    - these modules are very cheap- they come in pairs, you don't have to worry about ordering two items- a lot of documentation is available on the web, search for "arduino nRF24L01"
    They very small size is perfect if you want to use them with a Nano board for compact projects.
    Nice to have if you don't need long distance communications.
  • Very good

    posted by DSLima90

    The price is good and there's a lot of data on the internet for learn more about NFC and how to use this shield.
    There's a lot of librarys on the internet that can be used with this kit. Found libraries even for implementing peer to peer comunication. It's a little trick to make it comunicate with a cellphone but doable.
    It's worth the price. For smal implementations of NFC it's very recommendable.
  • obsolete device, no support

    posted by DXCustomer

    TX power 18dBm (at least declared).Easy-to-use RS232 TTL interfaceGood antenna.
    Default air rate 1K which is too slow for most applications. You have to configure settings manually or use default settings.
    I think it is better to choice other module which have information about and current support.

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