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wireless camera Customers Reviews

  • Wireless Flash AND Shutter in one!

    posted by leonardlow

    * Flexible - use for wireless flash or wireless shutter release, in a single device.* Good quality cables provided to link with studio flash units (plug AND PC ports), and for wireless shutter use.* Receiver adds a PC Flash Port to cameras that don't have one built in - so any camera with a hotshoe can use this to allow it to sync with studio flash units* Can trigger multiple receivers with single transmitter (cameras or flashes)* Supports half-press for autofocus, full-press for shutter release
    Because this unit supports multiple receivers, and triggers camera shutters, you can use this device to do your own Matrix "bullet time" photography - have multiple cameras with receivers, all pointing at the same subject, then fire them at the same time with the transmitter. :)Comes with cables to (1) link the receiver with camera shutter trigger port (2) link the receiver to studio flash (3) link the transmitter to studio flash (for you consumer DSLR owners who don't have a "PC" flash port, this unit provides one so you can sync with professional studio flash units).
    I'm going to buy a few of these for Christmas pressies for photographer friends. :) Highly recommended. :)
  • Good deal for mini-wireless cam

    posted by Muzzleflash

    This actually has a great build quality. The camera itself can be stealthily mounted anywhere and powered by an included A/C adaptor. It transmits signal inside my house pretty well, I put a bigger antenna on the receiver and it can transmit over 100m. Currently I charge the camera, strap it to a RC car, and use my TV to drive the car downstairs around the house from upstairs.
    Good project camera, I'm satisfied with it.
  • Good remote control for low price

    posted by MarioZaus

    Cheap;Very light;Easy to use;Battery included;
    Could be a bit slimmer and packaging could be a bit better. After all not so bad for so less money
    Good item for low price. Fits in any bag, jeans or any other pocket. Nice black color fits to camera color. i see no difference between original one ant this one. For money which I paid for it, there are no competitors. I thought that it would not work from behind my camera but I was suprised then it worked. So, again, good item for low price.
  • Nice ,cheam ip cam.

    posted by ktheking

    -it actually works-a client app is available for android,blackberry,iphone/ipad-pretty easy to setup using the added software-WPA2 wifi supported too-cheap considering the features-for europe customers : powersupply has european (not uk,norus) socket.
    I'm still in the process to make this audio work.The purpose is to use this cam ,in an outdoor situation where it will be used as door intercom.The bell will be double wired to this alarm system ( SKU : 101889 ) that will warn me trough cell phone.-some more detailed information should be added for developers or people wanting to customize it ,and use it in their environment or application-would be nice if the cam would not only be able to send a mail warning message ,but add a snapshot too.-a nice feature on this cam would have been an output for electronic devices for alarm purposes
    Overall I'm pretty happy of the purchase ,but since my experimenting with it was only limited to a few hours ,I'll need to update this review again to post some more findings.So in short I can confirm this cam works for mjpeg video streaming. I can't confirm on audio streaming. I'm still searching for a client that's able to stream the audio.
  • Nice camera, nasty software

    posted by vdbolt

    Very nice cheap camera with relatively good night vision quality. In daylight the colors don't look that good, but for surveillance it is more than enough. Can also be used together with Synology NAS equipment.
    The lens has a relatively narrow overview. For surveillance purposes a wider angle would have been better.
    Cheap camera, and once installed, good for surveillance work.

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