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  • Great buy

    posted by lkgsin

    Its great,but found out i should have ordered the one with 3g so i wouldnt have to buy the dongle separate... But all in all im very satisfied,ive now bought a 3g dongle and it works perfect.Have done many purchases at DX and im happy with 99,9 of the things ive bought here. Great prices.
    Could be explained a little bit better that it didnt have a cardreader buikt in.
    Great product,great price.Shop at DX all the time,think its great.
  • Nice product!

    posted by deciero

    It´s really small and has good build quality. Easy to config, boots fast and works for up to 4 hours of intense use with more than one device conneted. It´s also surprisingly stable.
    SKU 71709 is compatible with WCDMA, and SKU 47648 is compatible with HSDPA/HSUPDA. I´m using HSDPA, so I chose 47648. When the part arrived, I noticed that it was the wrong one, compatible with WCDMA only.Just out of curiosity, I plugged the HSDPA modem on the router and after some configs it worked like a charm!It can also be used as a conventional wireless router. It has one ethernet interface that can be used to connect a end device, or it can be switched to a WAN port, so you can connect an ADSL/Cable modem and share the connection using wireless.
    Cheap and good. I recommend.
  • Great N router with no hassle

    posted by guilhermetude

    Great N router. It's an unbraded Aceex NR22-Y, which supports dd-wrt. True N speeds, theoretically - I only get to 150~160 mb, which are good speeds. It's very stable, even with stock firmware. 2T2R and MIMO, kinda nice to see this in such a cheap N router. UPnP that actually works.
    Update this to dd-wrt. It's fun, easy to use and a LOT more useful. Repeater bridge mode works ok if you use NG-mixed - but then your wireless clients will connect only in G speeds.
    If you do update, use build 1411 pre-sp2. It's the most stable one for Ralink chipsets.
    Buy buy buy. Great router, great speed, easy to use (as long as you update it to dd-wrt) and very, very stable (it's been on for a week now and no reduction in performance).
    A true winner.
  • Beautiful and functional

    posted by appatit

    This device really gives the declared parameters.
    Looks very nice and fits the style of my equipment in the room.
    Very good software.
    Consumes less power compared to similar devices.
    Good build quality
    Rugged housing.
    Just come unscrewed.
    I made a small revision designs. Dismantled the device and install the radiator on the CPU and on-chip Dynamic RAM, after the completion of this router is never frozen. I load my device is very strong, so this revision was necessary. Prior to this revision shell is heated, but now the heat sinks dissipate heat and warm housing router. If you use a device not much, you do not need to do this and deal with the case. By the way, I ordered a radiator on the DX (they are for the RAM).
    Beautiful device with a very good software. So many possibilities: the latest methods to protect your access point, a good firewall, methods quick decision of devices, the functions of xDSL modem control output signal, and much more ..... great purchase!
  • Nice Router

    posted by Teb88

    Good signal, very very stable, many customization options. Ideal for a home network.
    If you are using it in conjunction with a ADSL modem, and they don't get along, try keeping the router on, turn off the modem for 90 sec then turn it on again. That helped me.
    It seems to not be able to handle lots of request very quickly but in a small home network it's barely unnoticeable, so it is a very good product especially for the price tag

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