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wireless broadband router

The wireless broadband router your looking for is one of our top sellers. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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wireless broadband router Customers Reviews

  • Nice Router

    posted by Teb88

    Good signal, very very stable, many customization options. Ideal for a home network.
    If you are using it in conjunction with a ADSL modem, and they don't get along, try keeping the router on, turn off the modem for 90 sec then turn it on again. That helped me.
    It seems to not be able to handle lots of request very quickly but in a small home network it's barely unnoticeable, so it is a very good product especially for the price tag
  • Good device

    posted by opticsforhire

    Looks like pretty! Dimensions is small cute. My modem is bigger that this one. Amazing!
    There are many usefull options in "Device Setup" page.
    Antenna output is really 5 dBi, and antenna is detachable.
    Heating of device and power supply not high. It is good for China product! Excellent!
    Copy rate from modem network to wi-fi netbook about 6 Mbyte/second. I think this is good result for W-Fi N network.
    With my Wi-Fi G device I got abot 2-3 Mbyte/second rate.
    Power supply plug is US, so I need buy US/EU plug adapter.
    I also try power it from 5V PC USB port - router works well!
    And setup can be difficult for begginer customer, but I proficient in Network devices so not worry.
    Good device as I expected!
  • Attention!

    posted by AskenFaller

    It’s very compact and has a nice quality feel to it. Starts up in no time and switching between different modes are fast. I never switch though; I use it as an access point only. It’s very important that it’s used with a proper power supply. My HTC phone charger or Nexus pad charger doesn’t do the trick and it becomes very unstable. I haven’t measured how much it needs, but it’s more than 500 mA. Giving it to little power results in lost Wi-Fi connection.
    The mini USB connection sits a little deep in the chassis, so if your cable is “fat” at the end around the plug you might have some trouble getting the plug all the way in. It doesn’t need to go all the way in, but if you leave it hanging alongside the wall under the socket outlet, for instance, the USB connector will slip out unless it’s plugged all the way in.
    Excellent device. I have recommended it to my colleagues and their all happy with it. Go ahead, buy one.
  • For this price? superb!

    posted by maestro1311

    It's cheap, with all the specs it has its like 50$ cheaper than any router i can buy here in Holland.Small seize.Looks nice.Easy Installing.
    I have read the forum threads regarding this product and I was surprised that I had no trouble at all.I unpacked the router plugged it in to Wan and could instantly and easily connect via wifi which i liked, no wires needed.Nor did i have to update firmware in order for it to work proper. Granted i have not used and tried all the functions this router offers.The signal appears stable, wihile downloading a couple of gigs the average speed kept going up, no signal stops or connection problems.
    I'm happy with this router, I connected it to my internet and i got it working no problem within 3 minutes.The router does for me what i expect it to, it's my internet acces point for 1 wired and 5 wireless device. My xbox placed in DMZ so no port forwarding needed, super!Bottom line: If you are looking for a 300N router this is it!!! if you're an average user it will work for you, if youre a heavy user with requirements for specific settings maybe you need to update firmware but that would be no problem.
  • Great buy

    posted by lkgsin

    Its great,but found out i should have ordered the one with 3g so i wouldnt have to buy the dongle separate... But all in all im very satisfied,ive now bought a 3g dongle and it works perfect.Have done many purchases at DX and im happy with 99,9 of the things ive bought here. Great prices.
    Could be explained a little bit better that it didnt have a cardreader buikt in.
    Great product,great price.Shop at DX all the time,think its great.

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