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  • Reccomend-to-Buy thing!

    posted by Followman

    Full support of manufacturer's commands module. Excellent compatibility with the Arduino. Good documentation on the website Elecfreaks. Using small sketches, almost anyone can build an alarm, or remote control, data transmission. Anything on GSM. GPRS connections are also possible.
    All functions work well. Tested with Arduino.
    Very happy with purchase. I implemented the planned with ease, which was previously not available to me.
  • perfect for DIY wireless charger

    posted by Leggo1

    It works pretty great, I put it in a wood block and between the coil and the phone (with case) is probably more than 5mm and it works fine. It has a red and green light, green lights up when charging.
    Its not much cheaper than the other options, so unless you have some idea in mind for where to put it, i wouldn't bother.
    Be gentle, but it should work fine. I ordered another and will be much more careful.
  • Work Well, good range and easy

    posted by ErKabi

    Using with the arduino's nrf905 library is very easy. Currently, I am using a pair to send and recive the possition of joystick.Only works with 3.3V ... Usually arduino works with 5V.... is needed a level convertion with a voltager divider or using the product 178286.Good range: arround 40meters with a big walls between and the signal was recieved well.
    A lot of wires to communicate, only a few pins free to use with another devices (if you have a arduino One... if you have a Mega don't have this problem).
    If you don't worry abount free pins this is your item. Better price than a Xbee or XRF module.
  • Works great!

    posted by emees

    good build and range. fast boot and pairing. it comes in a plastic protection that ensures that it doesnt fry by touching or contact with other parts.
    good module. excellent cost-benefit.
    this bluetooth module is great for short range wireless communication.
  • Good receiver for the price

    posted by AllgoodnameRgon

    Good quality for the price. It'll work at a nice range if you add an antenna (the place to solder the antenna is identified on the board).Also it is really small so it could be hidden if you wanted to.
    If you solder a 24AWG wire (10 to 15 centimeters long) to the ANT solder point (upper right corner of the board if you look at the picture on the product page), you'll extend the distance. I strongly suggest you do that, it's easy to do and takes about 10 seconds.
    If you want to make 2 arduino talk to each other wirelessly, get this thing and 149254.

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