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  • Perfect!

    posted by vinicaog

    Easy to use.Works out of the Box.Nice Package.Very cheap and good build quality.Can find several tutorials on the internet.Comes with the 9V 1A power supply.Comes with the antena.You can use the hardware serial and software serial by just changing some jumpers.Led activity is very good
    If you like arduino or any kind of microcontroller, this item is perfect. You can learn alot from this Shield and take your projects to another level.Its easy to get data from internet, send SMS and make phonecalls, you can use the RTC and the super capacitor to keet date and time.The cellphone antena is very good, and get high signal,the power supply is great and have 1A.
    DX have the best price for this kind of item.It can be used with any microcontroler or even with your computer serial port USART
  • Work Well, good range and easy

    posted by ErKabi

    Using with the arduino's nrf905 library is very easy. Currently, I am using a pair to send and recive the possition of joystick.Only works with 3.3V ... Usually arduino works with 5V.... is needed a level convertion with a voltager divider or using the product 178286.Good range: arround 40meters with a big walls between and the signal was recieved well.
    A lot of wires to communicate, only a few pins free to use with another devices (if you have a arduino One... if you have a Mega don't have this problem).
    If you don't worry abount free pins this is your item. Better price than a Xbee or XRF module.
  • Great cheap little bluetooth module

    posted by gandra67

    Very good product for cheap price. Range is about 10 meters, tried to connect through closed door and it succeeded.It has a Led on the board, so you know when it is connected.Easy implementation in Arduino projects.Protected with plastic.
    This unit only work in slave mode.Baud rate is 9600bps - 115200bps.
    Great product with very small price tag.I would recommend it to everyone who want to expand their arduino projects.
  • DIY 433MHz Wireless Receiving Module for Arduino, PIC etc

    posted by JMann1

    Great device came in great shape and works perfectly with VirtualWire.h Lib for Arduino, making it very easy to use. On opening the mail had it working in a matter of minutes. Great Stuff. Will work with other brand (JAYCAR) modules i.e. "TXC1" (TESTED). 5V Supply. Smaller than other modules I own with all pins clearly marked.
    Solder Antenna directly onto board.
    Very cheap, very affordable. Great product for your projects / prototypes. Recommended, GET ONE!.


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