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  • Long range 1.2. GHz video broadcasting

    posted by catalinyo

    -detachable antennas (good because you can use a higher gain antenna)-suitable for FPV on RC models-light transmitter (83 grams without antenna)-long range broadcasting
    This kit works fine either for surveillance systems when a remote camera is needed and also for FPV RC systems. For surveillance pay attention to signal jamming.
    Good product for AV wireless application on 1.2 GHz with all the cables you may need.
  • It's cool

    posted by Fofinca

    Wifi antenna is quite fine, currently I use it with the D-Link router.Price was acceptable.The antenna has a pretty good coverage.It works correctly
    All right antenna at an affordable price.Worth it.I suggest to increase network coverage.Will not overheat.The price is excellent
    I will definitely continue to buy these components to the Internet
  • Works almost as well as advertised, Great buy

    posted by Deshi

    Does the job, and quite well, once you have it aimed properly. Roughly 10-14dbi gain over my stock omni antennas on a Linksys WRT54G Router with Tomato firmware, using a descent quality 4-foot long N to RP-TNC cable. Might be even better results if could hook up direct.
    I live in a Poolhouse about 1/4 mile away from the main house, and have a router setup to bridge internet from there to my house using 2 linksys routers on custom firmware. (DD-WRT and Tomato)and could barely pickup signal, usually between -85 -92 dbi, sometimes on a good day might get close to -70, but rarely. in stormy weather I would loose connection completely. After installing this antenna, and carefull aiming (more on this later) the best position I found fluctuates between -65 to -69 dbi depending on weather and other factors. Very rarely I have seen -61. A Note on aiming, When first attaching this antenna and pointing it by hand outside, I would only see roughly -72 to -79 dbi. I was holding the antenna Horizontally (each of the little pins pointing down and up) instead of vertically (pins pointing left and right) though , and it seems this antenna performs much better vertically. I had pretty much move the antenna in small increments once I found the operating window, to get the best results, so it would help to be able to see a reading on the DBI while you are aiming it. I had my HDTV showing the reading in the Tomato firmware through my window while aiming it outside. In my application its not exactly direct line of sight, theres a few small trees and a sliding glass door at the main house between it and the other router, but no other major obstructions. other router still has factory omni antennas, later on I may buy another one to mount to the other house outside to further increase the signal. - Lacking any kind of instructions for Aiming. Took some trail and error for me to realize the correct Angle/setup to get best signal strength.
    For $12 and in my case, a $8 cable, This $20 was well worth the purchase for a peek increase of -20dbi, but more like 10-15 dbi real world gain. If you have dismal wireless performance like I did and want a permanent mounted solution, buy this now! WRT54G and other Linksys Products: Just do a search for a N-male to RP-TNC male cable or adapter to make it work for a linksys router. Just make sure the seller is reputable for selling High quality cables, the one I bought from deals only in wireless products, and uses the same cables for their professional installations.
  • quite satisfying

    posted by renatho100

    good productThe 03 elements that creates the tower is a good thickness. He has no work to assemble or disassemble, threading is a simple quick dish you have ready to use in your vehicle or anywhere you are.
    serves to transmit and receive various types.
    good cost benefit.Cost-effective to serve various types of apparatus will depend on the type of adapter or your phone has. The cable is the perfect size so no need for amendments or cuts.
  • 2.4GHz 16dBi SMA Omni High Gain Antenna with Stand for WiFi/Wireless

    posted by vitimarcal

    It is a good product, accessible, adapting to any device that has removal antenna . Very easy to install and use.
    You should just wait for the delivery according to your country and customs.
    A really good product, easy to use and worth the wait. If you have device that uses removal antenna, you can buy without fear. I didn't had any problems with using the product.

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