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  • Resembles the authentic Nunchuck from Nintendo

    posted by Qn1f3

    +Looks like authentic Nunchuck+Feels like authentic Nunchuck
    Nothing really, while the delivery was long I did'nt pay anything for it so can't complain. DX, by having a 500 character limit on reviews, you might loose potential user input, since customers might just not write anything instead. And since you control what comes up it really does'nt matter. In this matter, there really is'nt that much to say about this product?
    Not much to say, it does what it needs to do. Haven't owned it long enough to say anything about the quality. But it looks and feels like the original, and for the price you can't really complain, can you?
  • Could be better (or no)

    posted by eiyuu

    - Low price, same product.- Looks like a original, except when you take and use it.- Ideal for a causual gamer (not the main controller).
    - Must test the endurance. But for the price, you can get another if it breaks.- Don't expect that will came well packet, actually will only be packet (And not THAT packet).
    - If you really NEED a nunchuk it's the call, but if you will use it for a long time or hardcore, try a new with better quality.
  • definitely worth buying but mind the cons

    posted by killerbee0071

    The device is handy and functions properly, looks as advertised with slight esthetic add ons which improve the overall appearance of the product.
    No real other thoughts.
    If the virus problem is fixed it will be 100% satisfactory.
  • Comfy, well finished, cheap!

    posted by mariolog

    Easy to set up.Working perfect from the very first time.Comfortable.Long and detachable USB cable, reducing the risk of breaking it by accident.Cheap and well finished.Automatically detected and installed by Windows.
    The R2 and L2 triggers could be sensitive. But maybe not if they want to keep its price this low.
    Probably the best relation between price and quality if you're looking for a wired controller.
  • Works ok for 2ndary pad

    posted by bobdoleo

    It looks like a gamecube controller, feels like one, has same buttons, colors, plug, etc... vibration feature works well, seems responsive in-game. I mainly use it with a gcb-to-usb adapter, and it works ok for that too, in the gamecube emulator "dolphin", for windows
    well, if you need a cheapo gamecube controller, here it is. I don't use this one as my main gcb pad, but it's the only one I own with the standard button scheme (instead of the wii-classic lookalike snes-like a-b-x-y schemed one, which i got here too)
    Like I said, works as an "omygoshers I needs a gcb controller, stat!" kinda controller, but I would not use as a main, everyday controller.

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