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  • It's true 4-wire Kelvin test probe.

    posted by scaldov

    It's true 4-wire Kelvin test probe. Two wires incomes into a clip. First one connects straight to upper lip and the second one turns around knuckle (seen on photo) and connects to lower lip.There is a good article about Kelvin test probes http://www.cirris.com/testing/resistance/fourwire.html
    None. It would be better if lips were made of copper.
    Good for RLC-meter.
  • Cheap, but easy to melt when soldering

    posted by walterwpg2

    A very inexpensive set of electronic clips. They work well enough.
    I bought a couple of sets of these, in different colours. It would be nice to buy a set of clips that already has an assortment of different colours. It would be good to have clips that had built-in pins that mated with the female wire leads that DX sells.
    These are very inexpensive clips, but you have to be very careful when soldering on the wires.
  • Decent alligator clips

    posted by LillaTortilla

    useful for larger connection terminals, stripped wire, chassis and all sorts of things. i don't use them all that often, but they make things a lot easier when i do need them.
    These leads comes in pairs of red, black, green, white and yellow. being so flexible, i first thought they where silicone and therefore heat resistant. I tested this, and they melt quite easily, so watch the amps^^on that note, specified current rating would have been nice.
    decent product, pretty cheap.I'm glad i bought them.
  • Electronic Workers, this is Handy!

    posted by IACEI

    - Do what they are intended to- 10 is way more then you will ever need so share with your friends
    Deal Extreme, could you sell a soldering iron because mine is nearly dead by now....
    Think about if you need those or the crocodile ones, they may be more useful.

    What else could I say..... Well think before you buy but the risk at DX is small.
  • Cost-benefit is awesome!

    posted by mondrongo

    - Cheap- Amusing, you are going to spend your spare time playing with them.- They are small so you need a small place to store them, even if they are a lot.
    If you are worried about something, just start playing with them and your mind just flyes into the solving process.
    Buy it, it is cheap and really nice to play with. At first, when you look at some of the puzzles you wonder "How can that be possible someone to separate this two pieces?"

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