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wire stripping Customers Reviews

  • Quality tool

    posted by sinkhead

    As other reviews have mentioned, this is a quality tool. It really does feel like something that will last many years of regular use.
    It's just the right size for my hands, and the grips are comfy, which is important to me as I'll be using this a lot.
    The solid metal construction and the finishing touches like the pre-applied lubrication so the blade moves smoothly make this product something I'd expect to cost much more. It's a professional tool.
    It works well, seems solidly built, and it's a pro tool without a high price tag. What else can you ask for?
  • works as it should

    posted by Ayooo

    well this can be very useful tool for DIY jobs, saves time in cutting the cables to desired thickness.
    well none really, cant say much about this tool, u need a ceap one then get it, otherwies there is no point of having one if you dont know what to do with it.
    get it if you need one and use it ever so often. for daily use, i dont think this will be up to the task afer some time.
  • Perfect

    posted by PFranca

    -Stripping wires is no longer a hard painful job
    -All my friends, incluiding myself find this amazing
    -Works unbeliavably well, better than I expected
    Really gets the job Done, Just watch the wire's size before buying and using. Although it doesn't have to be exactly the right size.
    Amazing, I love IT and havent regretted for a second, one of the best things I bought here.
  • Very good connectors

    posted by prOOwner89

    Basicly the same as with the review of the female connectors:-good quality-nicely built-easy to solder cables-nice color- connection from cable to connector is very good (not only connected by solder points but also by plastic surrounding).
    i used this in my car and because of vibrations the male and female connectors would let go of eachother, if you use this in your house or something you wouldn't have any problem with it
    get it if you are looking to make your led strips plug and play
  • Excellent wire stripper

    posted by swarthx

    Exactly equal to the pictureVery sturdy and great strip quality. I Have used a similar item from a different brand and they both seems to work the same. But the other one was twice the price.
    I has some crimping functions as well, but I havent used it yet.The absolute price seems to be a little high, but it is worth it. I have bought a wire stripper once for 1/4 the price, it was worthless.
    Great product to be near you bench if you need to strip wires. Also seems appropriate if you want to do some electrical maintenance

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