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  • Good product

    posted by bitechular

    Fits Arduino Uno perfect, nice amount of cables in different colors and sizes. Everything seems to work, no problems.
    I think this a great addition to your first Arduino, all the cables will give you plenty of room for the next few projects.
    Great shield for testing and protoyping and packed with enough cables for a bunch of projects.
  • Nice Wireless Microphone

    posted by ChotZany

    - Pretty chip
    - does what it says it would
    - feels nice in the hand.
    - Don't have to use the Antena
    - Has 3 way switch for; wireless, cable or Off
    - Build quality on the out side is nice
    My Doughter loves it
    - will solder 3.5 mm plug to reciver when will have time
    Get it - not to pricey does the job... if child destroy simply get another one :)
  • A good product

    posted by goireland123

    For the price you get a sturdy built mouse and keyboard, both light up and whatever you need, the keys on the keyboard are also quite nice, not the best but they work great.The mouse also has a braided wire, and both have gold plated USB ends.
    The lighting on the keys could be improved, they do not light up very consistently, but if you are sitting in a dark room, and mainly focusing on the screen, you will not notice it, its only minor, plus the brightness can be changed. (The keys on the keyboard each get lit up individually however)
    Bottomline is the keyboard is great, its large and good looking, and the mouse also would suit a large handed person, such as myself.Very pleased with the purchase, I am still using them both and they work just as well as they ever did.
  • Cost-benefit is awesome!

    posted by mondrongo

    - Cheap- Amusing, you are going to spend your spare time playing with them.- They are small so you need a small place to store them, even if they are a lot.
    If you are worried about something, just start playing with them and your mind just flyes into the solving process.
    Buy it, it is cheap and really nice to play with. At first, when you look at some of the puzzles you wonder "How can that be possible someone to separate this two pieces?"
  • Good value in good package

    posted by mdesros

    Good version of fairly standard RC power connector. You're going to need to dump a good bit of heat at them to get your solder to take, but that's normal for high power connections. Get your vise or third-hand out, because they're gonna be hot hot hot.
    I'd trust these for ~30A continuous, maybe. Depends on the gauge wire you have coming in, and how much solder you dump at your connection.
    For the same price you pay for a pack of ten here, you may just get one pair somewhere else. I'm definitely going to come back and buy another pack or two or six some time in the future.

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