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  • Small 1-wire inductors for power filtering

    posted by ohyva

    Clean construction, wire coiling seems even enough for my power line filtering application. Tinned wire ends easy to solder.
    I've not measured these yet for inductance accuracy.
    Small power line filters for small currents.
  • Meh. I've had better.

    posted by nuwud

    I like the length of the Arduino Dupont 4-Pin Female to Female Extension Wire Cables.
    After messing around with it and making sure everything was aligned properly I have found the Arduino Dupont 4-Pin Female to Female Extension Wire Cables work fine, just be careful not to tear the port apart when inserting pins.
    It was cheep and the shipping was free. In the end I will still be able to use the Arduino Dupont 4-Pin Female to Female Extension Wire Cables.
  • Love em!

    posted by Kamel85

    Slim yet sturdy, good grip on the hooks, thick enough metal so the hook dont bend nor brake, the size is real good too.
    These are a must if your in to DIY electronics. You can never have to many... I bought a whole bunch!
    If you know what these are you know that you will need them so grab a handfull!
  • Great deal on a good tool

    posted by DXaholic

    I do cabling work full time and I mainly use this as a backup cable stripper. I have another one thats a bit more handy but I always throw a couple of these in my tool bag or tool pouch just in case my primary stripper isn't within reach or a if a coworker is using it. It cuts easily and looks just like a yellow version of a Panduit brand stripper I once bought for $5 (1 unit) at an electronics store. These are a great value and all 3 that I bought last time still work....but I think my coworkers may have just lost a couple so I have to order more just in case.
    Great deal, gotta love DX for these cheap prices.
  • Handy Little Clips

    posted by DCHammer69

    Very handy little clipsEasy to useEasy to peel backingEasy to positionAdhesive holds well
    If you're looking to hold up RG6 or another round cable, look elsewhere.This works well for flat cables like some extension cords, flat cables on AC adapters etc.You couldn't even put Cat5/6 cable into these clips.
    They work really well but you have to understand their limitations.They did exactly what I needed them to do but I'll be looking for a similar product in a larger size for routing coax and ethernet cables.

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