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The wine bottle stoppers your looking for is one of our top sellers. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.

wine bottle stoppers Customers Reviews

  • Nice; cheap and usefull

    posted by Hephaestos

    Nice, cool color (mine's yellow), so easy to find, It seemed so sturdy and closes the bottle that well that you really may turn the bottle upside down and nothing will dripp or leak off the bottle! Really, I want to give a six for usefulness!
    It's a great gift as they definitely seem more expensive than they are. Everybody needs bottle stoppers at one point, right? BUY :)
    Very useful, bright and cheap tool
  • Works just fine!

    posted by JohnnyCache

    -Keeps wine or champagne fresh.--Easy to use.--Seems to be built sturdy.--Is just like the one I bought from the supermarket.--Cheaper then buying it locally.-
    -The smell of the rubbery part I think will go away now that it is out of the packaging and can "breathe'.- This is the type of stopper you need for champagne because it clamps down vs. a regular silicone stopper that would shoot out due to the pressure.-
    -Looks and works just like the one I bought locally but is cheaper. I would recommend this to anyone that needs it.-
  • cheap and usefull

    posted by dhyomura

    - the pumper's build quality is not the best, but it's good and works.- the stoppers do the job and works perfectly keeping the air off the bottle.- it is very easy to use and wash.
    I've bought it because I didn't wanted to be drunk every time I opened a bottle. With this product I can drink the wine one or two days after opened and tasting like freshly opened.But this sensation does not last forever. I recomend drink the wine until two days after opened.
  • very useful for a wine lover

    posted by alvama

    - very well packaged- very good materials- it arrived very fast- very useful for wine lovers, specially it you are a single person or when you don't finish a bottle afeter opening it, because it prevents the wine left from spoiling- you can store the wine bottle horizontaly when using it- good price- it works perfectly well
    I bought it because my uncle told me about the existence of this product this crhistmas, he told me there were those bottle vacuum sealers and i knew that i was going to find them in dx, because you have almmost everything ;)there where other models, but i'm so glad i chose this one, because it's perfect. the material is just great. i tried it yerterday and it's very easy to use and works perfectly. i bought three of them, and gave two of them as a present and my friends loved it and found it very useful and neccesary too
    i'm very glad and i totally reccommend it
  • Very good !

    posted by raphaelmesquita

    Very cool. works perfectly. The material seems to be resistant. Try to wash after every use because it looks like it may accumulate humidity and that could deteriorate the material. Don't ever consider leaving a wine bottle opened if you're not drinking it. with this bottle stopper, the wine will be perfectly closed. Avoid leaving it opened even in between glasses.
    Didn't notice any effects on the wine taste after using it. Left it closed for one day using the product and drank it again next night. The wine seemed to have the same taste as the night before.
    I recommend the product. Although experts recommend you to drink the whole bottle of wine after you open it, sometimes it's not possible when you're drinking alone. In those situations, seal the bottle properly is vital to keep the quality of the wine.

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