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windshield cell phone holder

This is our best windshield cell phone holder, they all share a great design and great prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

windshield cell phone holder Customers Reviews

  • Works pretty good

    posted by mblock

    Sticks to the windshield really wellHasn't fallen off, great suctionAble to handle any sized deviceSticks to most devices really well without dropping them, even over bumps or on the highwayGood range of motion and extends fairly well for it's sizeFolds back to a compact stage when it's not in use, so that it's not in your way
    Overall, worth the price.
    My Samsung galaxy s3 has no problems sticking to this without falling off. Recommend this for sure.
  • Great gadget to my phone

    posted by dsanchez302

    It is light, small and seems robust.The phone is securely fastened.It is very flexible because it can be easily oriented in multiple directions.
    I think that is very useful. Due to its dimension you can bring with you easily, for example when you rent a car, or if you have two cars. Althought with this price you can buy more than one if you have more cars.
    In short, this device is a good buy. The relationship quality/price is quite good.
  • Superb cellphone hold

    posted by GraveUypo

    · Lots of articulations - can get into any position you need it to· Solid build - doesn't rattle or shake when mounted like similar products· Really good suction cup - doesn't come off unless you mean to remove it· Good for just about any phone - the phone holder can hold phones from the smallest cheap android phone to a galaxy note with space to spare.· Good padding - the (faux?) leather padding on the holder is soft enough that it does not damage the phone in any way, and does not compress permanently over time like some other products do.· Versatile - you can actually mount a Go PRO hero camera on this, just remove the phone holder part and screw the go pro hero arm-things directly on it, it fits almost perfectly, and it's solid enough for you to mount it outside of your car without having to worry (too much) about it falling off
    other thoughts
    Need a good solid phone holder? look no further. this is by far the best i've had, and it's positively the best on DX. i've already bought a couple of these.
  • Worked for a while

    posted by TerryJones

    I liked the mount in general. You could easily adjust for different sized devices and different orientations... until it broke...
    Liked it very much until it broke
    If you plan to use it in a vehicle that might bounce around a lot, look for a more rugged unit.
  • looks great and works great

    posted by jtonk

    the windshield swivel mount work well and looks great, it only hold the iPhone in the middle so it is possible to use the camera on the back while it is connected.
    the part where you hold the iphone could have been a bit thinner
    great product, look great, especially for the price and compared to other mounts. I wonder how long it lasts on the long run

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