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You'll find the best windshield car holder for you here. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. You can also browse car cellphone holder, universal car holder. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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windshield car holder Customers Reviews

  • Superb cellphone hold

    posted by GraveUypo

    · Lots of articulations - can get into any position you need it to· Solid build - doesn't rattle or shake when mounted like similar products· Really good suction cup - doesn't come off unless you mean to remove it· Good for just about any phone - the phone holder can hold phones from the smallest cheap android phone to a galaxy note with space to spare.· Good padding - the (faux?) leather padding on the holder is soft enough that it does not damage the phone in any way, and does not compress permanently over time like some other products do.· Versatile - you can actually mount a Go PRO hero camera on this, just remove the phone holder part and screw the go pro hero arm-things directly on it, it fits almost perfectly, and it's solid enough for you to mount it outside of your car without having to worry (too much) about it falling off
    other thoughts
    Need a good solid phone holder? look no further. this is by far the best i've had, and it's positively the best on DX. i've already bought a couple of these.
  • For coffee lovers

    posted by LexLuthor360

    - suction cup is so far surviving heat
    - the cup holder can be rotated. So when you are driving, it will work like a "pendulum" and your coffee will not spill out
    - the cup holder is huge, you can fit a mug in there. on the other hand, small glasses may look loose in it.
    - notice the cup holder is designed to fit a mug with wing.
    - my car does not have an original cup holder. as coffee lover, this is a must for me. this sku.36042 is the best choice here in DX, but maybe not the best solution. anyway, my next car will have a very nice original cup holder (from factory). I promise.
  • Impressive Quality

    posted by tsjostrand

    Very well built. When you drive the car it does not swivel around like other similar products. Good quality right thrue the product. The phone fits perfectly. When phone is mounten you can just rotate a little switch on the back, then you can turn the mounted phone around in a circle. Perfect if you either want the phone linear (for calls) or verticaly (for gps use).
    This mount feels and performs as a 30-40$ product.
    Very good product. The price is a steal, and i would recommend it to everyone.
  • A good Mount Holder for i9000

    posted by gilfrade

    I bought this product to hold my Samsung Galaxy S during my travels and have an alternative GPS. The quality construction build is good, the phone fits very well and the arm length is enough for me.
    Depending on the distance of your car windshield you may want to buy a longer mount holder for your phone.
    For the price i think its worth it but when applying to the car windshield keep the mount by the dashboard to keep it from shaking to much.
  • Excellent universal holder

    posted by luqas

    Doesn't take much placeSimple constructionGood suctionDesign
    Excellent universal holder, copy of Samsun. universal holder which I own as well but this cost only about 1/4 of the Samsun. original. Only drawback is that the hinge (even when locked as much as possible by screwing) is not tight enough so when you try to adjust the position a bit it will get loose and you have to unscrew and screw again to get it tight again. But if you just put a phone there and then release it's not moving at all. The release is also not as smooth as on Samsun. original.
    I definitely recommend this, second best holder I ever had! (#1 is the Sammy original one, but the price don't worth it I guess)


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