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  • Great

    posted by brunoalmada

    Long flame, about 4cm;
    One refill lasts even more than an hour;
    Butane gas is really cheap;
    Easy to handle and refill.
    The flux control is in the bottom, you can't control the flame while using;
    You can't see how much gas is still inside the lighter because of the body but that is not a problem;
    A 300ml can of butane was used like 50 times and still looks full.
    The price of the can was about 5 dollars.
    Burns things from a long distance, great for camping or burning random stuff just for fun.
    Great deal, really great.
  • It lived a great life

    posted by Muhv

    A lot more durable than I first thought. The cap didn't break off in 6 months of active and heavy use, refilling works perfectly, it's comfortable and easy to handle, the jets burn well and on promised temperatures, the cooling system prevents you from burning yourself.
    It served me well for the money. Unfortunately now, since the heat damage to the jet lighting system has caused a large delay between the spark and the gas output, I'm going to have to replace it, but for this kind of super heavy duty preformance, I would have easily paid double, maybe even triple that price. My friends all have similar lighters, and this one stood above all others... even as the ignition system started to go. If you're torn between lighters, get this one. I'm a chemist so you can trust me when I say you need to read the labels on your buthane filler tanks. Jet torches want the lowest grade of impurities, otherwise you'll end up losing your jet burner to clogging and displacement really quickly.
    Cheap, durable and a really good companion. Well worth the money. If you could order one thing from here, this should be it.
  • Average

    posted by ralphkinasz

    It looks cool it has alot of features you would assume are handy
    Dosnt light first time most the time
    Don't buy this DX sells some great lighters here particularly their honest brand ones for a great small (good size but its small compared to the other one I will link to) lighter buy http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11868 for a good large lighter buy http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.6824
    and for a briliant zippo alternative (uses butane and therefore dose not smell of kerosene) and is very stylish http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.21755
  • the best

    posted by outanet

    good solid construction, feels the right shape with a "lock on" switch, nicely fitting cap and a slightly wider torch head. filling and adjusting seem to use better quality components than others.
    I have bought a few jet lighters and i wanted to review because I just seem to like this one the best, even the dual flame lighters. The HONEST brand seem to be strong with quality.
    if you want or just "like" these jet lighters for smoking or firelighting, even heatshrinking, this is a good choice. the fuel lasts much longer than you expect. put the lighter in the fridge for a few hrs before filling, it will fill easier.put the lighter in the fridge for a few hrs before filling, it will fill easier.put the lighter in the fridge for a few hrs before filling, it will fill easier.
  • Wow

    posted by inflames99

    Superb construction, decent size, flame is large and well away from the lid when open, ignites every time, great attention to detail for the skull on the front, and pattern on the back.
    I don't know how DX is able to sell this for so cheap, but it is not a cheap product by any means.
    Easily worth $50. One of the best lighters I have got from here. You will not be disappointed. Comes in a box, great for gifting.

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