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windproof torch lighter

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windproof torch lighter Customers Reviews

  • Useful lighter, bad cap

    posted by TXMatt

    *Good build of the lighter itself. *The head is sturdy and securely attached. *The "vase style" fuel tank holds substantially more butane than most lighters*The clear fuel tank allows one to instantly see the remaining fuel.*The angled design of the head makes toasting the foot of and lighting cigars very convenient. I like this right angle design better than "straight" lighters.
    The lighter fires up every time as long as you push the button down slowly. If you push the button too quickly there isn't yet gas in the head to ignite. This is common among most jet lighters an people who have issues with them are usually pushing down the button too quickly.
    I buy a lot of lighters on DX, and this is one of the better ones.
  • Small and Practical

    posted by lliuw

    -Small and Practical-Really hot once up and running-Hard and Rugged good for outdoors
    -need a flat screwdriver to calibrate-No Package, it was just in a zip bag with SKUif you cant light up recalibrate the flow.also if lighting up cover the hole under the nozzle it helps a bit
    buy it if you need a micro welding stationit Fits an altoids tin with a set of soldering cream and tin
  • Great lighter!

    posted by StYnn

    - Easy to light, just open the cap (!this activates the gas!) and press the button.
    - Small, fits in my pocket easily.
    - Feels good in my hand.
    - Nice green flame thats quite hot. The flame can easily be seen, the image DX has provided might convince you otherwise but dont worry.
    Gas might run out quickly, not so efficient.
    Its a great lighter and looks great.
  • the best

    posted by outanet

    good solid construction, feels the right shape with a "lock on" switch, nicely fitting cap and a slightly wider torch head. filling and adjusting seem to use better quality components than others.
    I have bought a few jet lighters and i wanted to review because I just seem to like this one the best, even the dual flame lighters. The HONEST brand seem to be strong with quality.
    if you want or just "like" these jet lighters for smoking or firelighting, even heatshrinking, this is a good choice. the fuel lasts much longer than you expect. put the lighter in the fridge for a few hrs before filling, it will fill easier.put the lighter in the fridge for a few hrs before filling, it will fill easier.put the lighter in the fridge for a few hrs before filling, it will fill easier.
  • Yarr!

    posted by NWind

    - It's really good made, the carving on the back is very good and looks nice
    - Windproof, burns quite powerful
    - Lights up automatically when you open it (watch out for your fingers!)
    - Unusual green color of flame
    - Flame intensity can be easily regulated (valve is placed on the bottom and can be turned with a key for example)
    - The price is very good
    - It comes without any gas so you'll have to fill it yourself
    - It's a bit larger than usual zippo, but it looks very nice and feels comfortable in hand
    One of the best lighters here

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