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windproof lighter Customers Reviews

  • Good lighter for the price.

    posted by carpart67

    The price is great. It's simple to use and seems to work well. Looks good too.
    Actually a little nicer than I expected. Flame is adjusted with a screwdriver by the filling nozzle. I purchased this as a gift and the recipient was very pleased.
    This is a nice little novelty lighter that works well for the price. The quality was in line, or even a little better than I expected for the price point.
  • It lived a great life

    posted by Muhv

    A lot more durable than I first thought. The cap didn't break off in 6 months of active and heavy use, refilling works perfectly, it's comfortable and easy to handle, the jets burn well and on promised temperatures, the cooling system prevents you from burning yourself.
    It served me well for the money. Unfortunately now, since the heat damage to the jet lighting system has caused a large delay between the spark and the gas output, I'm going to have to replace it, but for this kind of super heavy duty preformance, I would have easily paid double, maybe even triple that price. My friends all have similar lighters, and this one stood above all others... even as the ignition system started to go. If you're torn between lighters, get this one. I'm a chemist so you can trust me when I say you need to read the labels on your buthane filler tanks. Jet torches want the lowest grade of impurities, otherwise you'll end up losing your jet burner to clogging and displacement really quickly.
    Cheap, durable and a really good companion. Well worth the money. If you could order one thing from here, this should be it.
  • Incredible... the flame is really hot... it can burn even wood

    posted by douglascrp

    It is small, beautiful, well made and really powerful.The flame is so hot that I was able to burn a piece of wood.It is easy to use, because it can start the flame alone. No need to another source of fire.
    I bought it thinking on use it on cooking. I will make some Crème brûlée using it.
    I highly recommend this item, because it is useful, beautiful, easy to use and cheap.
  • Great lighter!

    posted by StYnn

    - Easy to light, just open the cap (!this activates the gas!) and press the button.
    - Small, fits in my pocket easily.
    - Feels good in my hand.
    - Nice green flame thats quite hot. The flame can easily be seen, the image DX has provided might convince you otherwise but dont worry.
    Gas might run out quickly, not so efficient.
    Its a great lighter and looks great.
  • Great Service, suprizingly good build quality

    posted by tarabryan

    The build quality, weight and materials used is surprisingly really,really good. I have ordered lighters at this price point often, as we give them to customers as a novelty gift. This one is the BEST Ive ever ordered by far. it is sturdy and not cheap in any way. The metal parts are not flimzy but solidly constructed and the plastic pieces feel more like a composite then plastic (maybe they are!) If you dropped this lighter there is NO fear of it breaking
    The 1st lighter I got actually had a defect, and wouldnt light. But it doesnt matter what one buys theres always gonna be one thats faulty, and It was my turn!That said, customer service replaced it within a day of receiving my email. Just simply 1st class service. That alone,in my opinion, greatly increases the value of anything to be found on this site.
    A truly great product that is built to last, not gimmicky, but a good general lighter. The customer service is truly OUTSTANDING !I will be a constant customer of this GREAT site

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