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windproof lighter blue

Buy a windproof lighter blue from DX.com! It's your best choice. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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windproof lighter blue Customers Reviews

  • Buy these bulk!

    posted by TXMatt

    This lighter is in my opinion the best value here. It has a lightweight yet sturdy build.This lighter is very similar to the Prince/Blazer PB207 lighter that sells for $50 USD. It is not a clone however, as the angled neck with pop up burner cover is a better design in my opinion. The PB207 has a plastic cap on a chain and a straight instead of angled design.
    I really prefer the angled neck style lighters for lighting my cigars.
    As my title says, buy these in bulk quantity would be my suggestion. You can keep them in your travel humidor, in your car, in your tackle box. Have spares on hand to give to a friend who admires your lighter, you don't need to tell them how inexpensive it was.. :-D
  • Nice bar toy

    posted by Reapster313

    Made from proper metal and is nice and heavy.the lighter worked straight out the box so did the laser. the laser is a nice cat toy or it can be used in your display at the bar.
    Would be nice if it had a key chain attached
    If you are looking for a unique lighter or just an addition to your bar toys this product will do just that. if you are not sure what to give a guy as a gift get this. smoker or not this is a cool toy to have.
  • awesome jet lighter!!

    posted by julianvdmeij

    i love the fact that it's so compact and usefull buy this and you'll have a nice cigarette lighter! I also like to light my fireworks with this lighter it lights the fuse within no time!
    i think this lighter is really good and the design is also good so there are not really other toughts
    perfect lighter i like the way it was build, and how you have to use it!
  • Butane Lighter

    posted by litrowtf

    Good lighter wind proof.- it is possible to adjust the flame.- the bottom is transparent, which allows to see when the lighter is filled at the time of reloading it.- Small, lightweight and easy to carry.
    it's a cute lighter and works well. it's really windproof when the flame is regulated correctly
    I think so that's perfect for girls (many colors, soft and have a good look)
  • Waterproof if closed

    posted by hutoi

    This really is a waterproof lighter. I decided I needed one when I tried to light a fire with a wet DX lighter. It did not work at all, seems the gas lighters are very particular about moisture.Anyways, this is waterproof but only if the lid is shut. I tested it, put it under a running faucet, wiped the excess water off, opened it and lighted. (Second test was under faucet with the lid open, as you can guess it did not light).
    I would love to see a waterproof lighter like this that was made from metal. It would be a good companion on longer hiking trips. And why not shorter hikes too. If you need a fire and can´t light it, your world sucks.
    Working waterproof lighter, made of plastic.


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