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These cool wince 5.0 gps are high quality and at affordable prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

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  • Real deal!

    posted by GoofyHN

    Pretty simple design. The software is easy to use and intuitive, I did not even bother to read the instructions for use of the gadget. The package included stylus pen, but I do not use it because it is uncomfortable, I use fingers. Very good price for such a device. I really liked the quality of it. It is possible to put other navigation systems (the programs). Igo primo works good!
    For it's price it is one of the most suitable GPS navigators on DX. There's 4Gb internal storage for maps, not champion in speed but works good.
    I recommend!
  • Good navi

    posted by iMPXi

    -Good looking.
    -Loud, high quality speaker.
    -Big and bright screen.
    -Engllish WinCE with dll's, i.e. WinCE applications running is not a problem.
    -Good working PAL/NTSC AVIN with mirror and rotation functions. Was tested.
    -GPRS internet via BT DUN. Not present in menu, but accessed from residentflash2\app\bt\Phonelinkmsg.exe application. Acces to resident \flash2 through TotalCommanderPNA http://4pna.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=86&d=1235842928
    - Good sattelites response.
    -Shipped with "505" model sticker on the box.
    -CPU MT3351.
    -WinCE register and windows files has recovered after reboot.
    -Using Phonelinkmsg.exe application not allows same time GPRS and Handsfree working...
    Good for price.
  • Good build quality, great value.

    posted by Biomorph77

    Great value device, easily configurable to use other software on either internal or external memory. No issues locking onto satellites.
    Have considered trying to remove this plastic sheet as it appears to just be over the main touch-screen which would have the matt finish one would expect. Use it infrequently enough to have not bothered trying yet.
    Great value all-round with one annoyance, but it's a bearable one.
  • as expected

    posted by igormarcel

    easy to use
    easy to fix it to the car rear mirror
    light item, I dont think I will have any problem hanging it to the mirror
    the mirror could be a little larger
    maybe I have to get used to it, but the mirror seems to be smaller than it really is
    built quality really should me improved, because it looks more like a kids toy
    Maps are working just fine
    The idea of attaching the gps to the mirror is great, too bad the built quality is so poor
    for the price, still worth.
  • very bargains

    posted by barnett

    The best for me to navigate this moment.Vsichko work.Very quickly discovered satellitesWorks with many different programs.You can put programs on choice.The materials are very good.Strong. Well attached to the car stack.touch screen very good. processor is fast.For this price it is very good. Movies are doing well.There is much more expensive to get.I highly recommend.
    Transmitter works with charging cable.!Sometimes freezes in place, but this is not a problem.Only battery lasts 1 hour.I'm very cheerful, it works funktsiyata.Imam AV camera again bought from here and now I see the car back as park.Other models are not working on AV, but this works very well.
    I highly recommend This is very good for this price and it works really OK.Veche many of my friends requested it and I'll buy them a gift.


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