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wilderness survival tool

On this page, you can find a wide selection of wilderness survival tool. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

wilderness survival tool Customers Reviews

  • GOOOD!

    posted by riinaeino

    Easy to use, small and handy. First I couldnt get it working, looked at a few videos how to use it and still couldnt. So when I got it working the first sparkles, I almost wet my self, it was like running from the cops. My heart started beating, Damn!
    I tried to light a napkin, like for 5min until it burnt a little bit, maybe I just dont know how to really use it to light a fire. I COULDNT DO IT. Easier to use a lighter actually.
    Buy it, its like Ultimate survival tool, and its really cool. Cant find it in a local store.
  • just as good as the sweedish

    posted by fr4n0

    Is a light my fire copy, I have a few of these, as well as sweeden brands and there are just as good as the sweedis firesteal, is great just last arround 12000 strikes.easy to use
    You have to take the paint of first (one or two strikes will do), you need to get a lot of experience to be able to get most of it but when you do you can do as much as the guys on tv survival shows (with this).good material to catch a spark is important watch videos, coton is always gooda pice of advice use your thums on the "holes" of the handels if not it will be hard to do it
    great 100 recomended
  • Beautiful and practical

    posted by lordnaell

    Good price. Good quality. Beautiful. Easy to carry. Good spark. Practical, can be used with just one hand.
    Comparando o preço com os do Brasil, vale a pena.The outside is a rubber cool. The material is plastic, but the manner of use of the other pieces seem sturdy. Magnesium bar is not very big but the model is excellent.
    As good as the picture
  • Ferro rod works, striker doesn't

    posted by anpan

    The ferrocerium rod works well when coupled with a proper striker.
    Priced lower than lightmyfire firesteels, though add in the cost for a striker and it evens out. But the striker can be reused if you should order another.
    Rod is good, striker is bad.
  • Wilderness Survival Tool 3-in-1 Fire Sparkle Flint + Compass + Whistle - Bl

    posted by RenatoJorge

    I never used this, but it looks solidthe plastic thing is good to hold everything bether. I bought to a boy scout that told me that in portugal this kind of things are very expensive. The price is very good comparing to what he told me the prices are in herea good soft cord, good for the toucheverything looks really nice and well made.good whistle, a loud soundcompass works, it is a bit small, but in a small thing like this it could not be bigger
    a great idea to use the sparkle and the cutter with only one device. Frees one and to hold something near the sparkles
    buy it if you need this kind of things

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