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    posted by Jaybora

    Great Striker with unlimited potential uses! Customizable for mounting and striker source. Great HOT sparks generated after the rod is "broken" in.
    For the difference in price, I will always pick the 8 cm over the smaller 5 cm.
    Buy this product, you will not be disappointed if you are looking for something with a little "spark" in it! haha
  • Outstanding Ferro Rod

    posted by thejakemccoy

    The comparable brand name here is Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel, which I own. If you compare, you'll find that this device is more than 3 times less expensive for a similarly sized Swedish Firesteel.The scraper on this device is better than the scraper that comes with the Swedish Firesteel. This scraper has saw teeth on one edge. The saw teeth are quite effective. The user may also apply the opposite edges to generate sparks. The opposite straight edge may be sharpened at 90 degree square angles if it gets dull. So, the scraper will last longer than the rod if you maintain the scraper.The handle is outstanding and allows a firm grasp. I bought three of these devices. None of the handles were loose (which was a problem for another viewer).
    I own about 15 ferro rods, including rods from Light My Fire and from Firesteel. This rod may be my favorite.
    Buy it, or waste your time researching to confirm my review.
  • Good buy !

    posted by stevesdk

    This is one big flint for the price you are paying. Will last a very long time. I dump it into a bail of water and take out to try. Works instantly even though it's wet all over. Not working fully submerge in water though... Well I guess rain is not a problem.
    A very good buy for the price and will probally last a life time. It's not like you used it everyday
    Cheap and worth the buy ! Couldn't found it at my place so I bought one just in case of zombies apocalypsy !
  • Wilderness Survival Fire Sparkle + Blade Cutter Tool (Large)

    posted by RenatoJorge

    I never used this, but it looks solidthe plastic things are good to hold everything bether. I bought to a boy scout that told me that in portugal this kind of things are very expensive. The price is very good comparing to what he told me the prices are in herea good soft cord, good for the toucheverything looks really nice and well made.
    the orange things are very good to get a good hold on the sparkle and the cutter
    buy it if you need this kind of things
  • Oh my eyes! What a spark!

    posted by chopetanovic

    It came well packaged in a waterproof bag that protects it from dust, crashes and posible water/humidity that can be dropped in there. It has a long strap that allows you to carry on a belt, your pocket, as a wristband or even a necklace.When I first used it, I realized that you have to peel off the black matte paint coat that protects the sparkling material. For using it, you have to hit this material with the "Blade Cutter Tool". when this two parts crashes a spark will drop from the hitting point to the ground, ejecting a fire starter that can be used in the most difficult moments.


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