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You can buy cheap wii remote from us. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Customers who purchased wii remote also viewed wii remote white, wii remote case. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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wii remote Customers Reviews

  • Perfect

    posted by joelini

    This thing fits exactly the wii remote an the nunchuck, looks great on it (if you like pink). It makes more confortable the controllers and prevent slips.
    If you are a girl or like the pink controller and don´t want to spend on a new one this is a good alternative, besides it makes controllers less likely to slip from the hands. Controllers will not fit the zapper with this item on.
    If you like it, buy it ths is pretty simple to put on the controllers and looks like a good material besides for that price it´s a must have for wii owners.
  • Works like the original

    posted by gaze79

    These work exactly how they should.
    - White color
    - locking functionality
    - works with all games
    - works with original wii controller and wii nunchuk
    It's a very nice product for a very nice price. Just buy it and you will never regret it. I will be ordering another one for my friend and also another one for my father. These are just so cheap that you should order multiple products just in case you need another later.
    I borrowed it for my friend and he was very happy and it worked exactly how it should
    It's worth every penny
  • Good product

    posted by mautas

    It works wonderful. I attached one of these to my standard Wiimote and I coud enjoy Wii Sports Resort without a glitch.
    It's a good product. Even though build quality doesn't see to be the best it's worth its price compared to branded units. This product should come with a silicone replacement for your controller.
    Buy it if you want to enjoy the Wii games that support this.
  • Amazing! Must have if you have a Wii

    posted by Caligi

    Small and lightweight.
    Good LED's to indicate it's status. No connections, it charges by induction, just lay your wiimote on top of it and it will start charging.
    No separate AC adapter, just plugs into the Wii itself for it's power.
    It is compact, the cord wraps around a spindle in the back, and you can use it laying down, or on a stand that pops out.
    Comes with two rechargable batteries, and they hold a charge for a good long while.
    I have not tried any of the other wii chargers here on DX or on the market, but I have researched the induction type before and wanted this unit.
    Place the rechargable battery into your wiimote, and lay it on the charger to charge it. You can have the silicone sleeve on, it will still charge.
    The benefit to me is that I don't have to keep buying batteries for it, or have to take the sleeve off everytime I want to recharge my engergizers. It's a really good product and very useful for regular wii users.
    Well worth the money to save on buying batteries, or the time and effort when removing conventional rechargable AA batteries for the wiimote.
    Reasonably priced, and useful if you have two wiimotes.
  • Seems to work fine

    posted by kerryland

    It's cheap, and appears to work just fine. Certainly far far better value for money than the official Nintendo product.
    The black colour looks a bit silly on my white wii-mote. If there is a white option, I'd recommend you get that instead.Delivery time was good too. Extremely pleased.
    Great value for money, and seems to be just fine. If I had more wii-motes, I buy more of this product.

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