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  • Nice pack

    posted by gutterball

    Save money on batteries!
    Over 50% less than retail.
    Can leave the charger plugged in under the Fit. Have not tried to charge and play although I can't see this being a problem.
    Packaging was great.
    I was using 2400Mah NIMH batteries, these last about as long. Had to take the 2400's out to charge them. I can leave the pack in the Fit and charge with this pack.
    This item sells for $19.97 at Wal-Mart + taxes. For less than $9.00 shipped, it can't be beat.
  • It works for me

    posted by lordpoc

    It works for me. If you leave it some time it will discharge itself quickly but (in a week) But it works good.
    The wire is quite long and you can use it with it connected. It has an USB connector so you can charge it in a computer and you can use the cable for other things.
    It could be cheaper
  • Awesome product

    posted by spMiney

    Feels and looks just like the original and at a great price. Complete bundle, nunchuck feels really good, worked well at all tested games (like mario party, rayman and wario ware). Good response and battery consume.
    I believe this can be confused with the original wii controller, which costs a lot more. For me, who has kids playing around with it all the time, this was an amazing choice since it works perfectly and, in case of any accident, can be easily replaced by a new one with the same quality but without spending tons of money.
    I completely recommend this product. It worked really well, nearly perfectly at an awesome price. If you need new controllers to play with your friends, this is the best choice.
  • Excellent product, easy enough so any kid can use without needing to open t

    posted by Omershelef

    Does the work perfectly.easy to use.just plug in to any USB slot and atart using."children" friendly.notifies when charge is complete or still charging by a diffrent light color.
    not any
    works very well
  • Black rechargeable battery

    posted by DracoNet

    Fits perfectly in a normal wiimote and so in a motion plus wiimote. It comes with a pretty long USB cable so you can charge this battery in any USB socket (PC, laptop, DVD Player, video-console...). It has a LED to indicate that it is charging. You can play while the battery is chargin.
    There is a LED light that gets on when you are charging the battery. It would be great that this LED became off when the battery was fully charged, but it is not so.
    With his low price this battery can save your playing day. It worths.

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