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On this page, you can find a wide selection of wii nunchuck. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Your support is our greatest motivation.

wii nunchuck Customers Reviews

  • Fit's like a glove!

    posted by Telchar

    These silicone protective sleeves fit perfectly to both remote and nunchuk controllers. It also adds silicone grip to nunchuk and they both look very nice. You can also use remote's silicone under nintendo's own protective case (and with motion plus case too).
    Quality of this product really surprised me. Color look's great. Would be great if there were also protective silicon cap for nunchuk stick.
    If you want a new look and maybe a better grip to nunchuk, then what are you waiting for?
  • Almost genuin

    posted by Ruffe42

    Feels and looks like the original Nintedo wii Remote, aside from the logo.The buttons are just as protruding as the original.Seems to work just fine, also with the wii motion plus games.
    The GoiGame logo aint pretty nor discreet, but for that price and quality I'm fine with it.
    Just the long connection time and the big logo.Other than that, none.So if you need a wii remote with nintendo quality but cheaper than the original, I would recommend this one!
  • Excellent protection for your accessories

    posted by jbsjapan

    Since I'm an avid game systems collector I like to take care of my consoles and controllers. This silicone case fits my official Wii Nunchuck perfectly and offers both good protection and grip when playing.
    Matches perfectly the official Wii Remote sleeve.Some gamers don't like silicone cases because they have sweaty hands, but I don't, so it's not really a problem for me.
    This is a worthy investment to protect your controller. Also, if your Nunchuck slips out of your hand when playing, give this a try :)
  • Great purchase! go for this product, dont buy the original nunchuck

    posted by pslizak

    simple, not a nintendo original but i believe that the nintendo original was made in china too, so: great product, great price!and by the way: great design by combine the black and qhite colour in the same nunchuck
    Go for it! good ROI, good product for a rasonable price. Dont even try to purchase the Nintendo original nunchuck, there is no reason to do that
  • Thin. But works.

    posted by ubiratamuniz

    - Different color than the "standard" wiimote jacket. Helps differentiate between controls (it is useful when using alternate controls because of battery issues).
    It is not expensive, so if you need to replace your standard wiimote jacket it´s a bargain. Buy don´t expect the same quality than the original ones. it´s OK for the price, and excellent if you need to cut the jacket because of rechargeable batteries and such, keeping the original ones intact.
    Cheap, but OK. No problem after all.

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