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wii motionplus Customers Reviews

  • interresting product

    posted by aeropic2

    The wii motion plus devices are very usefull for skilled hobbyists who wish to hack them to get a RC plane inertial unit.WM+ embarks a 3 axis gyrometers. At the beginning they came with 3 independant MEMS gyros with analog outputs converted to digital and outputed on a serial I2C bus.This SKU (maybe I was lucky) is a new technology with a ITG-3205 chip which is single-chip, digital-output, 3-axis MEMS gyro IC.For those who want to use a WM+ connected to a microcontroler, this is a really easy and cheap way to do it !
    the best value for money 3 axis gyro already wired on a PCB
    GREAT !
  • Frigile

    posted by maungnyi

    Similar to the original, work like original, price is way far less expensive. Silicone sleeve is as durable as the original.
    my son play with original one and this one. Feel nothing difference. However, he fail to lock the motion plus and broke the locking clip during the game. It didn't work any more. :-(
    Worth the price. I received in pretty good packing. If the shipping is faster, this would be A++ purchase.
  • Premium Motion Plus

    posted by sirknightangel

    Cheap! Looks a lot like the original motion Plus Accessory. Worked really well and I had no problem playing the games where the Motion Plus is required.Do exactly what it's supposed to do by a fraction of the price.
    It does not come with a silicone sleeve. It would help with the "not locking" issue, so next time I'll buy one that comes with the sleeve. That are some at DE.
    Very good buy. Does what is is supposed to do. It's not as expensive as the original, but next time I will buy the one with the silicone sleeve.
  • As good that the original

    posted by pordefault

    It's exactly like the original, perfect por gaming, my sons use them a lot and none of them have disagreed with this remotes. Works perfectly Looks like two original remotes I bought long time ago, and the original ones doesn't have motion plus embedded, so my remote plus motion plus is so big, this one solves this problem perfectly. The price is much cheaper than original one.
    Motion plus also works fine. And the protective is very hard so it resists a lot (and my sons use them a lot) Any way, for this money!!! If you want a complete set for your Wii, buy these! They work very good, only use loads of batteries... If you want to fully enjoy this wonderfull product, don't hessitate and buy a charging dock.
    buy with confidence. You will not regret
  • NOT for motion plus

    posted by savioricarus

    Works like the original one.Has nintendo and wii logos... so...Easy to use, no problems in placing it, or taking outSimple, pratical, and its does protect the wiimotes, (and yourself, if you have clumsy friends!)
    its just a silicon sleeve. i just wish they had sleeves like this, but in different colors.
    Buy this if you REALLY want a sleeve. its completely optional, it does add some protection to the wiimotes, but just a little. on the other hand its inexpensive, so i guess its okayThe best sleeve ever, since its easy to place/take out.

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