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wii motion nunchuck Customers Reviews

  • Nice choice for shooter fans

    posted by ojimeco

    Both, remote & nunchack feets great into their places, nice wire-holders solution
    Two separate parts makes it easy to choose weapon of your favor — a machinegun or a pistol, one is nice for House of the Dead style games, other — for 3D shooters like Call of Duty or Metroid Prime.
    It's have two triggers — one for «B» button, second, under first — for «A» button.
    Nice material and overall build quality — it doesn't feel too cheap.
    It's have a rumble option, don't used yet and not sure it's really needed — wiimote itself vibrates in most of games, and two additional batteries are not excess.
    Nice buy if you like shooting games
  • Cheapest wii remote plus

    posted by lnapoli87

    Best price with motion plus. It comes with silicone cover, and it's just like the original. The termination is really like the original
    If needed, buy another with mayor price. But if you want a secondary controller for a friends party, you should buy this one. Not recommendble as principal wii remote
    Not comparable with the original, but the price is great, getting in mind that in Argentina, this controller is sold in u$s 60
  • Great after market replacement

    posted by rgriffiths82

    -Great replacement to genuine Nintendo controllers and much more affordable. -Product is same size and compatible with Genuine Nintendo controllers allowing for using Nunchuck with genuine controller.-Great sensitivity, find that using the controller is as accurate as using genuine Nintendo product
    excellent product at fraction of price of the genuine nintendo accessories
    Would recommend to anyone looking for additional controllers for their Wii console
  • Perfect, similar to the original

    posted by ErKabi

    Good remote for your WII and very low price.Works fine, no diference with the original remote. The two color (black/white) is very nice.You only need press the red button in the remote and the WII to sync.
    Perfect to increment your Wii remotes.I have only tested the remote with MarioKarts and works well..... No tested with a game requiring the Wii Motion +
    If you want a cheap remote, this is the indicate.

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