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wii component cable Customers Reviews

  • Great product but feels cheap

    posted by aznmajik

    Its a cable. Can't really go wrong with it. Games look more amazing. The reason why there are more "jaggies" is because there is more resolution and under lower resolutoin, the system rounds the pixels to give it a smoother look. If you want resolution, this is a must.
    You need to have the component cable input in your tv/monitor to use it. Otherwise u'll be stuck with a product that you cant use.
    Great for its price. With it was a bit longer
  • A good product and good price

    posted by rofar

    It works perfectly. There are a lot of difference bettwen using the RCA cable to use this cable in my Panansonic TV. With RCA cable the images were blury with some strange efects in white lines and with color mixering. With this RBG cable, all problems dissapeared and the image quality is a lot better. The Panasonic TV now recognize the image signal (480i, 480p, 512i)
    Funciona muy bien. Hay una gran diferencia entre el cable RCA y este cable RGB en mi televisor Panasonic. Con el cable RCA la imagen se mostraba muy difusa y había algunos efectos extraños en las lineas blancas y los colores se mezclaban. Al usar este cable RGB desparecieron estos problemas. Ademas ahora mi tele (Panasonic) es capaz de reconocer la señal de video (480i, 480p, 512i).
    I recommend set the Wii to the special mode for this kind of cable (EDTV/HDTV) it uses 480p resolution. The image quality is better.
    Recomiendo configurar la Wii al modo propio para este tipo de cable(EDTV/HDTV), este modo usa el modo 480p, la imagen se ve definida (todo lo posible para la Wii :P) y muuuy suave.
    A must have for a Wii and a Flat TV owners.
    Recomiendo este producto a cualquiera que tenga una Wii y una television de pantalla plana.
  • Excellent alternative to the original one

    posted by pordefault

    This is a cheap cable compared to the "official" one. - The colouring on the cable ends make it easy to differentiate the video and audio connectors. i haven't seen much difference when compared to a simpler component cable, although it is slightly better then the original AV cable. The connectors are big and the rubber protecting the cable helps to preserve integrity.
    There are similar cables cheaper in dealextreme, I see no reason to choose this one, specially because it has only 1.8M.
    You can see the image difference on the console menu and some games, but it will note make any miracle. If you already have a complex connection (with sound devices, receivers, etc) using default cables, change to this cable will not worth the change.
  • bad sound & bad interference

    posted by fcavaliere

    In localstore cable cost around 19€, very cheap.
    acceptable video quality
    Video non di massima qualità ma considerando il costo irrisorio rispetto a quelli venduti nei negozi diciamo che e' accettabile, a patto di tenere il volume basso a circa il 15-30% del totale. Video utilissimo sopratutto con i televisori di ultima gen che hanno tempi di latenza molto superiori a causa della conversione da component
  • It didn't improve my video very much

    posted by bw47axe

    Looks like a very well built cable. Price was right. Delivery was super fast (to Canada door to door in 11 days). Wow, that's fast. I will definitely buy from Deal Extreme again.
    (Yes, I changed the Wii screen settings) The cable may work better on other TVs, but for my set-up there was not enough change in picture quality.
    I've got a spare cable now.


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