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wii component cable Customers Reviews

  • The best cable!

    posted by rodrigo200x

    The cable is of excellent quality. The images of the games were perfect. I had the RCA original and when I traded for this and really realized the difference. The Wii is connected to a 42-inch TV and the cable left the images very clear and real. It's easy to connect the cables, because each has a different color, which helps in time of connection.
    Here in Brazil this cable is very expensive. Not believed to have found a cable so good and so cheap.
    Do not forget to change the resolution setting on the Wii, but you will not notice a difference.
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin.

    posted by zerodgz

    A perfectly original quality component cable for the Wii. Performs exactly as advertised, so there isn't much to say about it. This cable sports new style silicone sheathing rather than old style vinyl sheathing. Connects securely and without issue or flakiness to both my component switch and my Wii.
    Note that the Wii is still a standard-definition-only console. Replacing your original composite cable with a component one will not magically make the Wii output in HD, but it will considerably increase picture quality and remove the infamous composite "dot crawl" artefacts, and in my case allow my Wii to work with my component-only video switch. For some reason, the Wii component cable has been "discontinued" in North America as of the time I bought this product from DX. Used component cables sell at local game shops for $40-$50, provided you can find one (they are very rare in store), which is totally absurd. There is no functional difference between this cable and a fabulously expensive "official" one.
    Cheap, flawless, works. Need it? Get it.
  • No ploblems with the cable

    posted by IgorTchaka

    The price and the design of the cable, it's very practical comparing with other options in the store.
    Who want a component cable fast and cheap, you can go without fear with this one, the image is almost identical compared using the original cable from nintendo.
    it's a very pratical cable, not big and ugly like other options. It's hard to see some diference with the original cable from nintendo
  • Excellent alternative to the original one

    posted by pordefault

    This is a cheap cable compared to the "official" one. - The colouring on the cable ends make it easy to differentiate the video and audio connectors. i haven't seen much difference when compared to a simpler component cable, although it is slightly better then the original AV cable. The connectors are big and the rubber protecting the cable helps to preserve integrity.
    There are similar cables cheaper in dealextreme, I see no reason to choose this one, specially because it has only 1.8M.
    You can see the image difference on the console menu and some games, but it will note make any miracle. If you already have a complex connection (with sound devices, receivers, etc) using default cables, change to this cable will not worth the change.
  • Great product but feels cheap

    posted by aznmajik

    Its a cable. Can't really go wrong with it. Games look more amazing. The reason why there are more "jaggies" is because there is more resolution and under lower resolutoin, the system rounds the pixels to give it a smoother look. If you want resolution, this is a must.
    You need to have the component cable input in your tv/monitor to use it. Otherwise u'll be stuck with a product that you cant use.
    Great for its price. With it was a bit longer

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