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Every single wii charging displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

wii charging Customers Reviews

  • Not so good

    posted by nathinha

    Charges fast.
    Batteries does not fit perfectly, needs to force its attachment, but it is not a big problem.
    Always need to keep an spare controller with common batteries to replace one of the controllers using these batteries when it discharges while playing.
  • Good for tethering a wiimote

    posted by risoldi

    If you need to tether your wiimote because you are using it for some project (like wiimote whiteboard and similar) this is what you are looking for. It provides continued power to the wiimote when plugged in.
    It would be great if you could replace the battery with normal recargeable AA when their capacity gets low.
    Batteries could be better. But all in all, a great buy if you need permanent power to a wiimote.
  • It`s the better. USB Dual Battery Charging Dock Station

    posted by pordefault

    It very easy to use. Its have Dual port rapid charging dock allows you to charge 2 Wii remotes at the same time. You can use with the console switched on or in standby mode. Anyway, it can Works - Game console or other USB device as power supplyEach battery is easily charged by placing the Wii remote onto the charging dockComes with 4 battery packs and USB cable (133cm)
    Great charger and batteries. It's working as expected, but there are better units like this one.
    buy with confidence. You will not regret Forget about battaries, easy charging
  • Good to own!

    posted by k0thendr

    No need for normal batteries anymore. This is a cheap way to play with your Nintendo Wii. Easy to use.
    But… That is not a bad thing, this is great “cheat” to buy these for kids. At least if you think they are playing too much! They have to have a break every now and then! When normal batteries runs out of charge, you have to give them more (or buy more). Now I can just say that “Have a break and put your remote to the charger”.
    Great product.
  • Amazing! Must have if you have a Wii

    posted by Caligi

    Small and lightweight.
    Good LED's to indicate it's status. No connections, it charges by induction, just lay your wiimote on top of it and it will start charging.
    No separate AC adapter, just plugs into the Wii itself for it's power.
    It is compact, the cord wraps around a spindle in the back, and you can use it laying down, or on a stand that pops out.
    Comes with two rechargable batteries, and they hold a charge for a good long while.
    I have not tried any of the other wii chargers here on DX or on the market, but I have researched the induction type before and wanted this unit.
    Place the rechargable battery into your wiimote, and lay it on the charger to charge it. You can have the silicone sleeve on, it will still charge.
    The benefit to me is that I don't have to keep buying batteries for it, or have to take the sleeve off everytime I want to recharge my engergizers. It's a really good product and very useful for regular wii users.
    Well worth the money to save on buying batteries, or the time and effort when removing conventional rechargable AA batteries for the wiimote.
    Reasonably priced, and useful if you have two wiimotes.


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