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wii battery controllers Customers Reviews

  • For price, works okay

    posted by Gripper123

    -batteries last about 4 to 6 hours.-a lot cheaper then separate 2AA batteries.-save a fortune buying separate batteries
    Shipping was very good considering that it was during Christmas. Everything worked well, chargers on/off switch located in the back, a little annoying but still good value. Lasts as long as no name batteries, but no where as long as brand name (much more expensive) batteries.
    Happy with this product. I was tired paying a small fortune on 2AA batteries, so these are awesome. At $15.20, the product works well and was put together decently. Just remember small children will have trouble installing them into the wii remotes because it is a very tight fit.
  • Good product

    posted by Teecee1337

    Nice build quality of the charger dock stand.It has a nice blue LED light, so you can see when it's charging (So you're sure that's it's actualy charging your WII remotes) because it sometimes doesn'tThey fit really well, so no real problem there ..You can load 4 WII remotes at the same timePrice is pretty good
    Better battery's or real 2800 mAh's
    Good product, especially for it's price .. Definalty worth the buy !
  • keep your batteris charged always

    posted by tberraz

    with this device you can always have spare batteries for your wii remote.Easy to use, just plug and play to any usb port.No custom fees in Argentina.
    to solve the problem that had always used batteries in controls and save much time, as I have always lit.
    is recommended for all persons who have a Nintendo Wii, regardless of the number of remote to be.
  • You get what you pay for....

    posted by fungal

    - Cheap
    - easy to recharge
    - easy to clip in
    would be nice to have higher capacity batteries, they really are not what is stated. Also I saw people talk about mAh rating of the battery, the batteries are in series so the current rating is the same and the volts go up, so the current rating (mAh) is not doubled for two batteries, maybe that is what is wrong with American education?
    Good cheap rechargable batteries, maybe I will open mine up and change the batteries to a higher capacity type.
  • Pretty recomended. Fit perfectly

    posted by Axeldor

    Low price, does what it is meant for. Good fit. I really needed because I lost mine and those cheap ones replace the originals like a globe. No need to look for any original Nintendo spare parts dealer. Will fit perfectly and give no problems, batteries also are kept without trouble inside. Just a must have. Don't even think about it, buy one or more if you need them...
    None remarkable, as stated, a must have.
    I would recomend this to anyone who has lost the original covers.

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