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wii adapter Customers Reviews

  • Does what it promises

    posted by elsimas

    ~It's been a year I have this adapter.
    ~ Easy to plug in
    ~ Good price, unexpensive
    ~ Works with my "guitar hero" controller
    ~ Works with wii emolators
    ~ Works with my "Leadership" controller
    ~ Nice quality even though feels a bit cheap
    The bright side is that it'sbeen a year now and the working one is still functional, so I guess it was bad luck with the second one.
    Does what promises and it's a durable investiment. I'm pretty satisfied with it.
    And arrived in Brazil with no further difficulty. However if you are in brazillian territory you must wait a month (at least) beore you put your hands in it. (BRAZILIAN's burocracy)
  • Worked!

    posted by Kanyenke

    No expensive adapter needed, just plug it in for using your Nintendo Wii in a 220v country. Pretty straightforward. The wire length is pretty decent too.
    Nothing to add. I guess you have to be careful and do not break it. It has the rounded plugs, here in Argentina are very common, so its very useful.
    Its a must have for your Nintendo Wii, if you live in a 220v country. Here in Argentina 220v adapters are waaay more expensive, so for 10 bucks its really a deal.
  • Works as expected

    posted by fabport74

    I use this to run homebrew apps and ports of other consoles on the Gamecube.
    It's pretty straightforward: you stick an Sd card in it, then connect it to the Gamecube's memory port and turn the console on.
    It fits perfectly, no effort required.
    It's compatible with SDHC cards.
    It's NOT a replacement for a memory card.
    It requires a method to boot into the memory card port, be it with a modchip or a boot cd.
    Excellent value. If you wanna run your apps from an sd card, get this.

    posted by nukeon

    High quality video output, it works! and audio jack is very usefull if you need to connect headphones or other audio system.Other pros thing... is small and you can savo on your trousers.HDMI output is the best of this, is faster and i can watch with more quality my games without reduce TV settings options.The best I think is the price, i have found it in other webpages and shop, but i cant find better.
    Can improve the traveling time?And can inform the user about Localizator or email with the pack situation?
    Recommended to buy. Cheap, and working Ok.
  • Nice adapter at Nice price

    posted by sfrette

    Easy to configure with WiiU, Just following the instruction from the oackage, and the adapter was installed & working perfectliy in 2min,Cheap - compared to original packageGood build quality
    My WiiU seems to have poor wifi link (even though my laptop in same room works well). This adapter did the trick. Now I have a fast and stable LAN / Internet link.I just wonder why the WiiU dont have integrated network?
    Reccomended adapter if you have unstable WIFI, and have cabled network available.

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