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  • a review for Adjustable 2.4Ghz Digital Antenna for

    posted by flipje

    a nice antenna, a bit stronger than the stock antenna =) works well on my FON router =)
    there is a nice way to get to the 500 chars.. you always can fill up this field with a story about how you fill this up, so it might sounds interesting. But this are only 134 characters and with spaces 169 but at this moment with spaces this block maked me a bunch of characters by now ?
    if you want to replace a stock antenna and you don't want to spent a lot, this will do the trick :) and it is probably better than your stock antenna :O
  • dlink? or not?

    posted by mulaz

    It's really cheap. Has a d-link logo in it... but I am still not sure if its really d-link
    it's better then the antenna that came with sku 5858, but that antenna came a bit bent, so i am not sure if that is the reason for poor performance (and better performance of this one)... but the range isreally alot better then with an ordinary inbuilt antenna thats in a laptop
    watch out.. compared to ordinary omni antennas, this antenna is polarized.. so having it put vertically or horizontally makes a difference.
    cheap, works, good gain...
  • Good antenna

    posted by GeertOostende

    Tested with signalking 380000N. Scanned area with inSSIDer. compared to original (indoor) antenna of the signalking, you gain around 5 dBi. This makes the combination of this signalking with the antenna a very powerfull sender/receiver combination.
    I hope it will survive the harsh marine environment.
    If you need a good range outdoor antenna, buy.
  • good antenna for its price

    posted by DieterDHoker

    Used it for an old PCI WiFi-card I lost the antenna for. Could receive 12 acces points while my laptop only saw 3 in the same room. Has pretty long cable so you can position the antenna where the signal is best. (for a PCI-card the computer itself often blocks the signal) Base is magnetic so you can stick it on any metal surface.
    The cable has an SMA-connector that should fit most WIFI-PCI-cards, the antenna itself seems to have a TNC-conector but NOT a RTNC connector most WiFI-routers i know use.
    Couldn't use this on my senao access point to compare it with a standard 3dbi-gain antenna because of wrong connector. Only compared it with my laptop so can't confirm if this actually has good gain. But for what i use it for it was ideal.
  • No es la gran cosa, pero...

    posted by dieGuitus

    - El material con el que está construido parece sólido. Resistente.
    - El conector ese de buena calidad.
    - La base es magnetica y tiene muy buen agarre
    - Al tener un cable mas o menos largo (de la base al conector) podes alejar la antena del router y obtener mejor ganancia en los dispositivos.
    Hubiese preferido que la intensidad sea mayor. Tremenda antenota y solo aumentó un 12%...


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