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wifi router Customers Reviews

  • Good tool but 3G is not link to GSM

    posted by gbonadio

    compact, cheap, easy to use, to recharge, nice tool for those who can't share their hotel RJ45 connectivity via wifi for iPad iphone etc for example.
    I wound't have baught it without 3G pseudo feature.
    one piece spare if somebody wants it. I have no use of this device anymore.
  • A must have thing for travelers

    posted by skojevac

    Wireless networks have been around for some quite time, but you can still get yourself at a place without one and with only old (and reliable) wired internet, and this is why you need to have one of these with you whenever you are on the road, cause it small, portable, and easy to set up if you have basic knowledge about wireless. It can work in three modes, and sooner or later you’re going to need it, it can act as a WiFi client to connect to an AP, WiFi repeater to amplify the signal of an existing AP, or a WiFi AP to provide wireless out of a wired network. It may not be intended for some serious data transfer, but it will serve its purpose for browsing internet and such.
    It lives up to its specifications and transfer data at 150 mbps. If it was able to do 300 it would probably be more expensive.
    Pocket portable wi-fi router you should have.
  • quite satisfying

    posted by renatho100

    good productThe 03 elements that creates the tower is a good thickness. He has no work to assemble or disassemble, threading is a simple quick dish you have ready to use in your vehicle or anywhere you are.
    serves to transmit and receive various types.
    good cost benefit.Cost-effective to serve various types of apparatus will depend on the type of adapter or your phone has. The cable is the perfect size so no need for amendments or cuts.
  • Great little device

    posted by Edmund

    Has 3 settings.The Access Point (AP) is truly plug-and-play. Just plug it in and you're up and running on the internet before you can say "Supercalifragalisticexpealadocious" :O)Only drawback with the AP is that it is an unsecured connection, so I wouldn't use it on my home network.The Repeater setting I haven't had the opportunity to test yet.The Router setting requires a little more tinkering, but nothing too difficult.Once set up properly, it works just like any other (and much more expensive) wireless router.
    Does what it's supposed to do in a very handy, portable size and a very reasonable price.I also noticed that on the picture here it has "Client" as it's middle setting. Mine has "Repeater". I don't know if it's the same and does the same.Maybe someone else can offer some insight???
    You can't go wrong with this little gizmo.I have already ordered another one for a friend.:O)
  • seems to work

    posted by mikes78

    Build quality wise this seems ok. I have connected it to my access point and used the long cable to place the antenna point in a more prominent position, so i'm unsure of if it's the antena itself or the fact i am now able to relocate which has improved the signal reliability on an otherwise crappy antenna in my laptop. Signal strength at my laptop remains at around the same db as before though.
    Why not, give it a go.

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