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  • Very good camera

    posted by carlin1969

    Very good quality image and movement, also it is easy to setup and use for every one
    Focus bright, and clarity are almost excellent for this small camera and with movement capable
    Software for ipad from apple App Store free or 1 uss also lack of switch for connection with alarm. But it for me is not so necesary
  • Good media player once you upgrade the firmware

    posted by karafso

    Silent, low power and small. It fits behind any tv, and allows you to turn your regular tv into a smart tv. The hardware is also identical to the GBox Midnight, which has great developers working on it.
    This box becomes a lot more useful once you flash the newest Midnight firmware. Instructions are found here: http://androidtvbox.us/user-manual/g-box-midnight/updating-the-midnight/You need to download the rev 2.0 firmware (or at least I had to).This firmware is far more polished, and you can install a version of XBMC tailor made for the hardware. If you use this as a media machine, you'll definitely want to check that out.
    Because of the developer community behind this device, it's possibly as future proof as you can get for the price, but the hardware is slightly outdated already, and it shows sometimes. I'm quite happy with it.
  • Great product

    posted by carlomendes

    Good resolution and pan/tilt functions. Easy instalation and great wifi signal. Nice design. It is possible to access camera live with a smartphone (tested with iPhone)
    Nice design. Images can be viewed from inner application, browser (included from internet), smartphones
    Good resolution and pan/tilt functions. Easy instalation and great wifi signal
  • Good camera with limited 720p

    posted by Malvineous

    The camera works very well under Linux with Firefox. The picture is quite good, but about standard for a webcam. The camera runs Linux, and if you have a MIPS compiler you can upload and run your own programs on it.
    The 720p image is cropped to 640x480 for web view, rather than resized. The firmware is very open and you can telnet right to a BusyBox/Linux command prompt. Make sure you don't allow others to connect via telnet or they can corrupt your camera's firmware, as well as finding out your camera's username or password remotely.The 720p stream uses about 450kB/sec while the 640x480 web browser stream uses 1.5MB/sec. If less bandwidth than this is available, the framerate will be reduced.
    A standard version of the MayGion MIPS camera which works well enough. But be careful if you put it online as it is quite easy to accidentally make your camera freely accessible to the entire world.

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