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  • great range ! full compatible with linux

    posted by OlivRen

    Before I could view 6 wifi networks. Now with this wifi adapter I can view 81 wifi networks from my home!
    It's really great !
    I connected it to my linux laptop and it is automatically recognised
    Fully comptable with kismet, airodump-ng and aireplay-ng. If you know a bit linux you can create a wifi range exander with this adapter.
    good design, nice object, antenna removable, you can even add another external antenna to add range !!!
    It's really great !
  • My first day with the "Ralink"

    posted by bensou

    It's kind of my router Gives N 135Mbps and take without problems.Great GainGood finish and adjustable to multiple positions and orientation. It also allows wall tie.
    I was surprised how direct it is. With my ASUS laptop (Model X50RL) in a room where he received the signal (channel 6) con-81dbm with "Ralink" (oriented correctly) he received the signal-64dbm representing a gain of about 15dBm Wireless Card laptop.The wireless card comes with a mini CD with drivers and a CD with the Beini 1.2.2 (latest version). It also includes a manual in English and Chinese as breaking the Beini wireless networks (very easy) I have tested and works correctly, go into monitor mode and network password (WEP 128bit) the breaks in a matter of 35 to 45 minutes depending on the strength of signal reception and necessarily must have at least one user connected to the network.
    Overall it was what I expected, it works much better than I have and being directive allows much more distance to cover an omnidirectional.
  • Perfect for windows, but lacking on mac

    posted by ZibbeZabbe

    From what I have used it for it so far has great reception, the antennas feel like they are atleast medium quality and for the price it is a GREAT buy. I'd personally say get it if you need an external mic for testing "your" wifi's security.
    Other than the antenna attatchment problem and the drivers for mac this is a great wifi dongle,Have not tested its speed though but from what I felt it was decent enough.
    Bad drivers, good signal, bad antenna attatchment, decent build quality, good buy for the money.
  • Good Product

    posted by marc369ath

    - Powerful transmitter, not sure if it is 1000mW though.
    - Amazing reception compared with the built in antenna of my Laptop.
    - RealTek 8187L and RTL8225 chipset.
    - High Gain Dish Directional Antenna, very useful if you have to penetrate 5 walls or to aim a specific location.
    - No overheating problems.
    - The transmitter has a nice slick design with a detachable clip.
    - Perfect for injection and monitor on BT 3/4.
    - Windows 7 64 bit found it, and installed the drivers without needing the CD.
    - You can use the antenna dish on any Wifi router that has a detachable RP-SMA connector antenna.
    - Comes with "Back Track 3 (Spoonwep2)" software CD.
    - Transmitter dimensions, length 7.5cm (8cm with the connector), width 6cm, height 0.8cm in the middle, 1.2cm on the edges (without the clip)
    - Should have a USB "Y" connector cable to get more power from the USB port.
    It works perfectly and has a great quality / price. Recommended purchase.
  • sucks in low power WiFi making it usable

    posted by M4RKH

    Picked this one from the number of options fron DX to pick up the BT FON signals near me (but never strong enough to be stable and usable. This significantly increases the signal and provides a solid connection. Very suprised just how good it was after already trying a Belkin PCMIA type wifi card with zero improvement.Cheap enough to get one and try to see if it works for you. highly recommended.Seen directly in XP, so didn't need to load the drivers from the mini disk, but looks like some hacking tools on there if that's your thing.
    get one to try - if it doesn't work for you it's not the end of the world.


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