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These cool wifi dongle dongle are high quality and at affordable prices. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.

wifi dongle dongle Customers Reviews

  • Worth the bucks

    posted by jayhasgin

    1. For its low (cost, weight, dimensions)2. connects your 3g usb modem along with standard wifi and lan features3. Portable charger for your gadgets
    This is an awesome buy. But its chinchi stuff sucks.Once you get this product u should,1. Write down somewhere safe, its the router IP.2. Then connect it using the password pasted on the router. Its usually like 7judhs743f3. Then type this url - changes that freakin language. plus if it asks for password its (hame).4. Now you are done, write all this down. You might need these if you reset it someday.Coz fishing in chinchi lake is like jumping into fire. lol
    Worth the bucks.
  • One of my best purchases at DX ever

    posted by Takero

    - You just plug it in your computer, install the CD Drives, modify some configurations here and there and IT'S WORKING!
    - The range it reaches is far more than I expected
    - Easy way to transform your regular Internet into Wireless
    - I've been using it a lot and still haven't had a single problem
    - Simple way of using DS Wi-Fi somewhere without a reception point
    Sometimes my PC got the blue screen of death, but I'm pretty sure it's not related to the device.
    If you compare the prices of this thing with Wireless routers, you'll realize in no time how nice this is.
  • Not as good as on description

    posted by Renco

    Good quality. Works good with windows Vista 32bit. Easy to use
    It is a very good product, but for maximal range the antennas needs to be replaced.

    posted by DieWolf

    Works fantastically well! Truly the best bang for buck possible. Good build quality, good router hardware, good reception, easy to use, easy to install (but I did have to do a manual install on Windows 7). Shipped very quickly to South Africa.
    I am so glad for purchasing this product. It has better reception than my expensive Linksys routers with extra 7dBi antenna attached.
    This has been the best purchase I have ever made on Deal Extreme. What a truly amazing product which fantastic shipping times.BUY IT! You won't regret it.
  • Has it's cons, but does the job for my XBOX 360.

    posted by CresusJisto

    Small size (but could be smaller); easy to use, light, and to me was very usefull. I used it for my Xbox 360, it is the older model (big one) and therefore does not have built-in wi-fi, so instead of buying the official Microsoft Wi-Fi Adapter i used this Wi-fi bridge as a cheaper alternative. So far is doing the job flawlessly.
    Was very useful for me, i spared around 100 Dollars (200 Reais here in Brazil) buying this little guy instead of the official adapter.
    GREAT purchase, was really useful, however could be a little cheaper, like 18 dollars maximum. But still a cheaper alternative to me than buying the Microsoft Adapter.

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