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wifi antenna cable

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wifi antenna cable Customers Reviews

  • Impossible to be dissapointed with this product!!

    posted by colomax

    high quality connectors and cable, real minimum loss, with this Im able to move my Wi-fi antenna wherever I want without problem. Perfect for extend your Wi-fi Range if you add an antenna with this, as I did.
    be sure this the quality and the price you looking for, really helped me alot.
    go ahead buy it ! theres nothing that will cost less than this with the same quality. bought it and it took like 1 week to reach my door. Good service no doubt, thats why I always choose dealextreme to buy my goods
  • Excellent!

    posted by patodox

    It is great! Improves the signal for my wireless network for a couple of bucks. Allows me to put the router antenna on a high place, improving the quality of the wifi connection in my home and neighborhood. The quality of the cable is great, there are no signal reduction or noise increased by the lenght of the cable.
    I give internet for free to my neighbors, this cable made the quality of the signal very strong, just by moving the antenna to a better place.
    If you have your wireless router on a low position, giving you a poor sugnal quality, this product will help you a lot.
  • OK for me

    posted by mikeham

    10 meters of RG-174 with male and female connectors at the ends. Build quality is good.
    low-loss cable at 2.4 GHz is prohibitively expensive. 10 meters of RG-174 plus two connectors is good enough value at this price, even if you just hack off a meter from both ends and use the remaining RG-174 for other purposes.
    No complaints. If you are stuck somewhere where your only option is no signal from a short but low-loss cable versus at least a weak signal from a very long but lossy cable, this might just be enough to keep you connected online.


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