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  • perfect lap top bag for Asus eeepc

    posted by yorgee

    It's a good size for my lap top. I love how it matches my logitech mouse case too. Your lap top won't get scratched inside the case unless you drop it obviously, or you have something sharp in there with your lap top. It's covered with a very soft material inside.
    very handy carrying bag for any small lap top. Will protect it well from scratches inside a backpack or just rolling around in the car.
    Good case for the price, highly recommended.
  • It's an ok photo frame

    posted by Etnad

    It's a very low price for a photo frame. I similar one costs here at least double the money.
    It has a usb slot and a card reader.
    When I opened it at took a first look the menu was all chinese and for a minute I thought I had to put in new firmware or something to get an english menu. But after fidling around a bit and reading the manual (which is a treasure map, only clues in english) I found the button to switch to english.
    It's not a bad device, but it looks a bit cheap. This is a gift for an aqcuintace and I thought it would look better. As with probably most stuff that get's shipped, the original package looks pretty worn out. Which is also a bad if you plan to give it to someone.
    All in all it's worth it, since it does what it's supposed to. Just don't forget that it does not have an own harddisk, so you need to have a memory card or a USB stick plugged in to see pics. You might want to buy an adapter for your cellphone or camera card to fit in.
  • 7" Wide Screen TFT LCD Headrest Car Monitor

    posted by Latubi

    Handy little screen. Bright colours. Good mounting options. Picture quality is good for the resolution it has. For Rc pilots trying this for FPV: It gives you static when the signal goes bad and when you lose the picture completely, then it goes blue.
    Works like a charm. Easy to use. Wiring made easy, only few of them so you cant go wrong.
    Buy it if you need one. It might not be the best in the market, but that's what you get for the price.
  • Good screen for arduino

    posted by RetroHetro

    Good screen, with high resolution and vivid colours.Libraries to drive the screen are available at http://henningkarlsen.com (Look for the UTFT and Utouch libraries)You will also need a shield such as SKU: 144471 to easily connect to your arduino up.
    You really need a higher memory capacity arduino such as the mega especially if you want to do more complex things, or you will run out of memory.
    For a good res screen, this is a good option.

    posted by Brody23

    This item is cheap. The quality is also good. I didn't waste my money at all. It fits my laptop perfectly even though its a bit tight. I put my NEC laptop in it. The quality is as good as the ones they sell here in Singapore which would cost more than $10. Sucha waste of money, Dx is just great! -Thumbs up.
    Worth it. It protects your laptop well!
    Great item for your laptops.


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