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  • Cute and floody torch, with some repairable defects.

    posted by SpiderBabyITA

    This torch is small and light, thinner than most AA led torches. It feels good in my hand, it’s easy to pick it up and slide it in a pocket or attach it to a belt loop.It has both a lanyard and a clip: no other torches I have feature such completeness.It has 3 modes: high, medium, and strobe: nice in a cheap 9$ torch.Flood is very floody: a large and homogeneous circle of light. Throw is good too. The sliding mechanism works very well: not loose and not hard to move.The red ring is beautiful and gives this torch a distinctive look, but it also creates the worst problems this light has (see cons).
    I like this torch: it is small and cute, much more than the well known C78. Still, it does not perform as a C78 or a SK68 (I sent a comparative photo) in normal use, but the 3 modes can be handy. Throw is great.
    I would not recommend this as a first-and-only torch, but it is cheap and you can keep it beside the other more serious torches. In the end, if you roll some insulating tape on the red ring you loose some of the looks, but get a very good torch.
  • Nice head lamp

    posted by sielm

    Great amount of light, able to light up to 100 meters in pitch black conditions. It is awesome for mounting on a bike helmet and riding at night. I use this on my helmet combined with bike mounted lights (I use SKU 26800, and in fact I have two of these mounted on my bike). The light and battery case can be dismounted easily and the support is great for bike helmets. The batteries are covered with strong rubber which looks really waterproof.
    The battery case has a hole (which gets covered with the rubber, so it's not a problem) probably copied from another brand, and looks like it could be used to charge the batteries directly. Unluckily the hole does nothing because there are no wires there.
    Great view distance and good autonomy if used with the low setting. I find low to be more than enough for riding on country trails at nights at moderate speeds. Again, use this on a helmet or it might move because of the heavy weight. Works nicely with rechargeable (2100 mAh) AA batteries.
  • led torch + battery + charger package

    posted by noobizfury

    Extremely bright, with 14500 battery of cause. Lightweight, compact size.
    The lens could be more scratch free. Greasing on the screw threads. Li-on battery is 900mah and charger is 2 vertical line pin (same as thailand plug); charge up to 4.2v @ 450mah.
    Delivery takes 9 days from guandong, china to singapore. Great package that comes with a bright torch for work (maintenance) that comes with rechargeable battery and charger.
  • A good headlamp with wide usage possibilities

    posted by caluzzo

    Bright and powerful beam with fully charged batteries or new alcalines. Long reach, an option to adjust the zoom / beam width on full scale. Build quality is good, even battery case isolation appears to survive some time in the rain.
    Arrived fully functional. The packaging is robust, headlamp is placed in a foam shell and does not suffer from transport. Energy consumption is significant, but still ok for this class. Lens is made of plastic, so it's not scratch resistant.
    Highly recommended for the price, ideal for outdoor activities. However, you should consider the purchase, if your head size is above average.
  • Excellent headlamp

    posted by cyberflashx

    The flashlight is of a very good quality and the lamp chassis is in full metal, very sturdy.The zooming mode works very good and the runtime is pretty long on (above 4 hours).For most tasks the 50% mode is more than enough. The beam range exceeds 200m, very impressive. The bike clip is very good and sturdy.
    I recommend this headlamp for serious outdoor enthusiasts. Used it in the woods and while mountain biking. It is outdoor-proof ;-)
    It is very worth the money!

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