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  • Perfect cards for begginers' security system

    posted by pcmihnea

    In addition to the SKU174455 ID-card reader, you have a PC-controlled user authentication solution (you just need the appropriate software, or make your own!). The price is right; the cards come in a transparent 5-card cover. The cards themselves aren't blank, they're just factory set to the code numerical code printed on them, so read-only operation.
    It's a bit hard to print directly on them, but you could just write with a permanent/CD marker (although it would look that professional, but it's easier and cheaper).
    Have a ID-card reader than operates with 125KHz cards? Then this will suit your needs!
  • Fine dock

    posted by ljerabek

    Sometimes it's great to have dock.Really usefull solution.Comes with useful stuff to fit in your phone.Low price.
    Maybe would be better if it would be possible to make it like a stand
    I'm not sure if I won't sell it in my country. I've thought it will be more usefull. But we will see, maybe my new phone will fit better than Cubot A6589S.
  • 5V pro mini

    posted by insane2k

    - cheap- comes without headers attached as pictured- works with ERW 1.0.3- compatiable with SKU: 142041 FTDI- easy to use- All pins labelled CORRECTLY!! hooray!
    has A6 and A7, hard to use on a breadboard due to offset and inset.can power directly with regulated 5v via the VCC on the FTDI header. powering the unit with 5V onto the RAW (through the regulator) results in 4.88V on the VCC pin. this gave me issues with a voltage divider calculations.
    i supplied my unit with 9V on the RAW and GND, and i measured 4.95V on the VCC pin, which suggests this unit is a 5V variant.

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