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  • Great bike light!

    posted by mbrasha

    Really bright light. Rear light has 7 modes (6 types of flashing and 1 constant). Front light is removable and can be used as hand light. Again it is really bright for this kind of money. Front light is aluminim alloy and can be disassembled (4 parts + battery holder + lens). Focus is fixed BUT it can be changed with little trick (I put rubber circular seal between lens and body). When you screw it together rubber seal makes it focus wider (and obviously changing thickness of seal you will make it focus wider even more). You can even devise some kind of spring between and make it really useful.
    I will need to drive it a bit. I don't know how much will battery hold (2 for rear and 3 for front AAA's). Front light is a bit heavy (108g with batteries and w/out holder). Rear light is light and plastic.
    I feel like it is a bargain. I got solid torchlight and bike lights! How much will batteries last?
  • very bright and good looking!

    posted by Hottuning

    Very good colourVery brightLow power usagevery cheap!
    These are the best for this price! I have never found anything else like this for such a low low price! Ive used them on several cars now and they amaze me everytime. The colour is outstanding and the brightness is amazing! Ive bought known brand wich couldnt even begin to compare to this quality en price range. I cant keep telling you how good this product is, but I have to have a 500 characters review before this is added, what is a whole lot in English for just a simple review. Maybe they ask 500 because in asian u need more characters or something? I don’t know, but now im done with typing.
    buy this, u will never find a better quality for such a low price!
  • Bright LED and Laser Light bicycle light

    posted by jack0726

    Bright white LED and Red laser light.3 mode of LED Blinking - consistent , fast blinking and slow blinking.3 mode of Red laser light - consistent , fast blinking and slow blinking. (very bright)
    the bracket might not fit your bike. the bracket size is smaller which cannot fit my seat post.
    If you are looking for a easy to use bike light this could be a wise choice.
  • Red LED Car Tail Signal Light Bulbs for Corolla Car

    posted by vitvideo

    The bulbs for Toyota Corolla 2007-2010. Nice quality, bright light. For replace the reflectors in back bumper.
    I think it will be much better if these bulbs have the connectors on the wires. And try to make waterproof the place where the wires go out from bulb.
    Nice item to decorate your car and to make it more individual. The price is very good for these goods. Hard box and buble wrap - no damages during shipping.
  • LED H4!!

    posted by lasermanathome

    High quality material 4X R5 and a real driver to stabilise the lightoutput between 10-24 VDC.Don't know for sure is the 1400lumens are really reached, the type of ledchip certainly can, these emitters can handle about 5 Watt each and deliver in that case about 450 lumens.Light is not bluish like HID 8000K but more 6000K like sunlight.
    With some efforts this H4 could be made suitable for dim and high , by rewiring the leds and by use of two drivers, in dim the 2 leds at upside of the copper body and in high al 4 leds leds in action.....That demands also a slighty different place for the leds but that can be obtained during production without difficulties. in that case I would advise to activate 3 leds in DIMmode to get enough lumens, the leds for high can be placed more to the base for good alignment. and focussing.
    A fists attempt to make a H4, in some cases even really usable in headlights.It is no big step to make a H4 out of this concept but that step is unavoidable....The development of a full replacement for an incandecent "normal" H4 should be very welcome.


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