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white string lights Customers Reviews

  • Stunning effect

    posted by paulomauricio

    The effect of lights moving is really spectacular.On Christmas trees the effect is so good it makes you want to stare at for several minutes in a row.The energy consumption is minimal and you can feed two or three sets with only one source
    There are other sets of these with colored leds right here at Dealextreme. Very good mix white and colorful collections.
    This was one of the greatest novelties on Christmas lamps in recent years.
  • Sweet light, going to buy more of therse

    posted by PAO87

    Great quality.Got a good warm light. I built it into an over 100 year old cabinet. Running it on half power to get the recessed lighting i wanted. Just love this item. Could light up a room with a few of therselow energy effective, generates no heat..
    Just love this item, got to buy more of therse..
  • Solid piece of LED strip

    posted by ampangus

    Price on these is fantastic. They work well and they are built pretty good. Light output is perfect for display cases or under counter lighting. Would work as cove lighting in a room too.
    I run 2 of these in series off of a 12 volt wall power supply. I think it is maybe 300mw or 500mw. Runs great with no heat issues. Had to solder and heat shrink them to make them reliable.
    Perfect for display stuff in a store. Not so great for task lighting or lighting up a room. If you want to light a room very dim than these would work. Might need 4 of them for a room that is 15 ft x 15ft. Again though only accent lighting.
  • Very nice leds

    posted by LuckySkywalker

    Easy to install, great light, very bright leds, lots of programs. Its price is great for 200 Leds. Made my neighbour very jealous!!! You won't find even half leds in stores for this price!!!
    After christmas when i dismount them from outside home, i will fix the loose wire and probably make it a little longer so I can have the "programmer" inside home next year.
    Sturdyness of the programmer and length of the wire.
  • 3W 40-LED White Decoration String Light for Christmas

    posted by Mihkel7

    Good quality.Nice plastic box, wont survive a drop to asfalt, but better then some China battery boxes I have seen.NOT WATERPROOF!Indoors will run 24h with one set of rechargeable batteries.Outdoors (its -10C here) they last maybe half that, if continuously on.Also has a blink mode.VERY bright, blueish light. Much brighter than similar yellow lights on this site that I also ordered.
    If you need bright lights that run on batteries then these are a good option. I suggest you use rechargeable s - otherwise it will be rather expensive to run.Too bright to keep running during the night in the bedroom. I also bought similar yellow set from DX witch are much dimmer and can be kept on during the night.

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