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white silver Customers Reviews

  • If you are overclocking RPie it's must have

    posted by ryzu11

    Very good price.It's easy to use. You just have to place dissipation panels on components which are heating in Raspberry Pie. Glue is on these pamels.Really works. My hardware works now on lower temperatures. It's now colder for around 5 celsius degrees.
    It do what is created for.
    For that price it's great product which can expand lifetime of my Raspberry Pi.
  • Very small R5 units, very bright.

    posted by lasermanathome

    These very small emitters can be mount on an E10 bulbmount, wich is in use for bike headlights and many older flashlights.Can also be mounted on a maglightbulb (the metal part).Take care of cooling and current (1500mA max) and you will have an extreme improvement in your lightoutput.
    Can be placed in flashlights wit the older R2 and other leds wich have a less efficiency.The extreme small lightemittig part makes them also suitable to build a recoil flashlight wich can be constructed with a divergence wich produce a beam almost like a white laser (wich I have)
    Very nice LED to use for almost anything.When you use 3.0 Volt , the led does not need further cooling bus is already very bright.This small brother (or sister) of the T6 is able to produce very small beams.Pushed to the max it will be able to deliver almost 500lumen but with lower current het efficiency is better.This is a common fact, powerfull emitters have often a higher efficiency with lower current .
  • It's a good item

    posted by jofefe

    It's made of good materials, it's even a bit heavy. Really different from other cheap options I've tried. Works perfectly in any pc I tried (Windows and Linux). The grey part seemed like plastic in the pictures but it's very nice. Also it's shape makes it easy to connect things into it.
    Having that short cable could be a problem for someone, check that it's ok for you!
    A good choose. Far better that the cheapest ones.
  • Great price little fella

    posted by Shakespeare85

    At first I was hesitant on purchasing this mouse as I had purchased something similar on another web also from China.... The price was eye catching and the design of the mouse appealing so I went ahead and purchased.
    I've been using it (replaced mu old wired mouse) for about over a month and have had no problems, the quality material is excellent for its price, very durable.
    The mouse turns off itself when not in use, it can be reactivated by pressing any button, it also keeps the DPI settings, something very cool!
    Over all I recommend it to anyone, good price little fella and comfortable also.
    would like English Manual
    I recommend it, easy to install, durable, reliable & good looking mouse.
  • Buy them they are great

    posted by SimonDiekema

    These 3mm leds are the best bang for buck! These leds have i very bright white light, there are so many white leds out there that have a blueish tint and this cheap and well this led does not.
    I made a little lamp with them which was very bright so that is an option with them! I also used the to make pc lighting for my sweet gaming pc. They suited their purpose perfectly for both things. The shipping went very smoothly and none of the leds where faulty.
    I you are looking for some cheap and good leds the are the perfect option! they are FANTASTIC! go buy them now! :D

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