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  • Solution for tangled cables/wires

    posted by AlphaOmega2k

    It is a good looking and handfull gadget. It solves old-time tangled cables problem. It is also made of a nice touching material and is solid - it won't brake down! Nice design is also a pro!
    Now you don't have to waste your time to untangle your earphones! They are now in order and easy to use with this gadget!
    A must-have item if you are using earphones and don't want to waste time untangling them before use.
  • Take this cat on your travels

    posted by moemdx

    This is a sturdy, nice looking passport cover. It looks very cute and will protect your passport.
    The elastic strap helps keep the passport closed. This is useful.
    If you like to travel, take this cute Maneki Neko (lucky cat) with you for good luck. Even if it doesn't keep you safe it will certainly protect your passport.
  • Very useful for screen repairs.

    posted by Gyrxiur

    No powder.Easy to use.A lot in one package.Good size.Protects things from your fingerprints.Durable, can be used multiple times.Usable as small balloons if you want ;c)
    If you repair devices with LCD screens or some shiny visible internal surfaces, this saves you from making fingerprints all over things. It is literally life saver.
    It is must have for any DIY person. Just buy it and try it - You will love it.
  • Small but works fine

    posted by compreigames

    The quality is just fine, works really well, doesn´t let any residue in the paper, erase preatty good,its soft enought to get the job done, i used in a few diffent papers, specially the canson and can not complain worked for me.
    During this time I used in about 3 differents kind of papers, and lattely is the canson I use the most,you can trust with no problem, the price is the big turning point in this one, usually the top erasers can be expensive, so its a good coice, because its not that far behind the top ones.
    I would buy this one again, I will need soon.
  • Must havw

    posted by sweetylab

    White with good clue, for awesome french-style manicure you can do at you home.There are really 240-in-1.Easy to use.Stickers looks like in the picture.
    It comes to me to Hainan for 3 days.I like to change my nail color when I want so now I can do it early in the morning ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    If you need it you should but it.

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