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You will be surprised our best white plastic with an artful design and an amazing price. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.

white plastic Customers Reviews

  • excellent!

    posted by daviddyckhoff

    looks great. slim enough yet safe enough to protect my phone from a good drop on the ground. it still fits in my pocket but i cant get over how nice the actual design is in person. it turned out better than i thought and was amazingly cheaply priced too!
    excellent product, came 3 times quicker than it said it would! my girlfriend is jealous and wants one for herself now. it is extremely hard to find a case for my type of phone the only ones i could find were these ugly chunky leather ones. this one is light and the back is see through keeping the phone looking sleek but the bumpers on the sides save it from serious damage. this few dollar purchase saved me from a couple 100 dollar fix if i broke it! thank you!!
    i would most definitely buy again! in bulk too, to give away as gifts. came quickly and paid next to nothing for it. the design is very professional yet cool. very easy and effortless to slap it on my phone but great for staying on. very reliable.
  • Works properly and it's durable

    posted by Revvan

    Lets trough a decent amount of light. I'm mainly using this one to have a light source when talking to people in the dark or checking maps/documents etc. if lights are OK. It sure dampens the beam in a sufficient way. Durable and convenient size for my 501b. The little handle is nice to have since i use it to attach it to the flashlight, in that way i can easily remove it if i need a strong beam for any occasion.
    It's quite short, so if you want to use it more of warning or awarness signal this isn't the one to use since the light source becomes relatively small. But for a use as a lantern or something this is a good size from my point of view.
    Does it job, durable and pricey.

    posted by Ortiz91

    Well, how shall I begin... This was a serious bargain. For R$13,25 (Please note: Brazilian currency) I received at home a nice earphone that is way less expensive than Apple's R$299,00 earphone (absurdly ridiculous Brazilian taxes, equals to $130,00 against EUA's $80,00). I tested it with my iPhone 4, and it has a great volume level, good sound definition and is made of a quite durable material for its price. In case you are wondering if the remote functions work, they do work properly. The mic also works well. Parents and friends said they didn't have trouble hearing me through the mic, even with at average performance.
    I think there is nothing else to write, pretty much covered everything that was within my reach, and about everything that happened while I was using it.
    You couldn't find another earphone with a price like this, that would behave as close to the original Apple earplug headphone. I seriously recommend it!
  • Super helpful

    posted by adreahna

    The cells are customizable, you can remove and add panels indivually as needed and it holds stuff very well.
    I bought this item to store some tiny craft supplies and have them organized in one single place. I found the box super helpful because the tiny pieces stay on their place and don't mix once i close the box and move it around.
    I'm happy with this purchase, i'll probably buy more in the future.
  • Very cute and also useful button cell flashlight

    posted by DavidRIngham

    Holding this, it is not as the description says a sports car. Much cuter than that. It is a dodgem amusement park bumper car.It comes with a nice key ring and chain attached by a small but fairly strong ring at the rear end of the full perimeter black bumper.Light weight.
    It is also a nice toy sports car.It is activated by pulling out a clear plastic tab at the bottom. The switch is the hood and turns on the light while it is pushed.
    Get it if you are fond of bumper cars, maybe if you like sports cars.

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