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  • Usefull cellphone screen cleaner

    posted by giuliannabm

    It really cleans you screen and helps you get rid of the awful fingerprints that get all over the touch screen.The design is nice, the cat paw. The colors are nice too, and match some of my phone covers.
    It is great for girls that like cute things, doesn't care about the big size and like to keep the phones touch screen clean.
    I like it very much and use it almost every day!
  • Great Deal

    posted by mariosfirfis

    It was a gift for my husband, but now that I have it in my hands I think to keep it. Its a great phone with very good screen. It's very quice, love to scroll throung its screens. Its unbelievable that you can buy such a quick phone for such little money.The cams give you what you a expect from a smart phone in our days.Design is very elegant. It's slim. Firm ** feels very strong and sound. The buttons have nice feel.
    Love the design.Looks as a high-end, main stream phone.I never expected to be so slim!!
    Great deal for its money
  • Excellent choise price/Quality

    posted by alfongg

    Price, many languages, Android 4.3, attractive design, radio, GPS, Dual Core.Very good components at that price.The package arrived in the expected time
    An excellent choice for that price, get accessories like headphones and a sheath (slightly tatty but practical gift), USB Cable & Charger (separate).I hope to hold enough without problems.
    A purchase will not be disappointed by their quality price and a very attractive design. Big screen, processor, radio ...
  • Very handy !

    posted by Drag0nDem0n

    -- Very useful. -- Sturdy, stays on the place you want it to be. -- Looks great. -- Extremely Cheap. -- 3 in 1 (Tripod for ordinary camera, Tripod for smartphone or other devices And a tripod for GoPro Hero 1,2,3) -- You can also use it as a regular camera tripod. -- Phone holder can hold up to 9 cm thick phones. -- Rubbers on the phone holder, so your phone can not fall off. -- Many colors to choose from: Black + White Black + Orange Black + Red Black + Yellow Black Grey Black + Blue Black + Green Black + Purple
    -- Very handy product
  • good but not good enough

    posted by Slasher

    Quite cheap and handy to have if your phone works with it. Environmentally friendly in the sense that it doesn't need alkaline batteries to run, all the power is from the sunlight.
    Works with older phones and newer not-so-power-demanding phones. Unfortunately it didn't work with mine, but never mind
    For the price, I can't really complain, it does what it's meant to do, just check how powerful your phone is before you buy it

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