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You will be surprised our best white panel with an artful design and an amazing price. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

white panel Customers Reviews

  • a ready to use ammeter

    posted by mlksa

    It's an inexpensive analog current meter, doesn't need an extra shunt to work just because there is alrealy connected one under the back side cover. I't just a thick wire. I like the build quality and the look of the meter. It arrived exactly as it looks on DX photos and the box was not jammed :)
    If you cut off the built-in shunt then you can make your own meter for custom current ranges. Maybe it is much easier to order similar analog meters here on DX :)
    A good meter to use at home and DIY projects.
  • Good and Nice 15 Amp Analog Ammeter

    posted by HARRIS140

    It is working now for more than 8 months in a solar panel installation. It works indoors. It is mounted on a plastic panel and monitors the current delivered by the solar regulator to the 48 Volt battery bank.No problem at all with this instrument. It delivers precise readings that I have controlled with digital equipment.Return to zero is accurate and has never required re-setting.Mounting hardware is simple and complete.Finish of plastic case and printing of reading scale is neat and well designed and executed.I will buy two more, same brand, for Volts and Amps feeding a solar MTTP water pump that is fed by DC thru a current limiter.
    The factory could consider to have a line of same instruments with built in lightning.
    If you need a fast glance reading analog instrument on Class 2.5 this device is for you.
  • Great simple current measurement

    posted by cyriusbe

    - 0-1A (1000mHa)- Precise (compare to 2 digital multimeter (non pro tools)- At least you don't fight with overdrive and limitation of digital multimeter ;-).- Complete kit
    You have to know a bit to work correctly. Installing need to be able to make a bit of works by yourself (no case available or not found), but this is not a problem.
    I got this one because i start needing to measure a wider range of current than the one offered in small (cheap) digital multimeter (ie; high power led around 700 ma)
  • GREAT, and accurate

    posted by Flea50

    Very well made, looks really cool attached on my coil gun to measure the capacitor bank voltage. Bought it basically because it looks cool :DI measured it's accuracy with my multimeter and it is very accurate and you can put more than 500V through it and it still works fine (I had 700V running through it at one point ;D)
    great voltage meter
    Accurate, well made, easy to mount, can over voltage it and it will be fine, looks cool
  • Good Clean Look

    posted by xEDGEDKIDx

    This is the second one I have ordered.Makes a setup look neat and tidy.Helps hide unnecessary cabling if installed correctly.
    If they had made the connectors a little more sturdy it would be good. They should consider offering a wider range of colour options.
    For the price and the end result, if done correctly, you can't beat it.

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