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  • Simply briljant

    posted by GasMusK

    Plug and play. Easy setup. Works out of the box. Just install program, or download the app to your smart phone.Acess any were any time, no setup of router, just log on and enjoy.Multiple cameras possible.
    Running 720p live video on a Iphone 4 is over kill, the screen on the Iphone 4 has a resolution of 640 x 960, as 720p has a resolution of 1280 x 720, this means that the Iphone has to resize the video on the fly and that take up a lot of cpu time, and thats most likely the reason why the remote control laggs.
    Its a grate gadget for the price.The plug an play feature is just excelent, up and running after about 5min, including install on pc and Iphone.The posibility to use more the one camera is clearly a gigant plus, as hooking up multiple cameras enables full coverage of any type of store, home or garden.
  • Good camera with limited 720p

    posted by Malvineous

    The camera works very well under Linux with Firefox. The picture is quite good, but about standard for a webcam. The camera runs Linux, and if you have a MIPS compiler you can upload and run your own programs on it.
    The 720p image is cropped to 640x480 for web view, rather than resized. The firmware is very open and you can telnet right to a BusyBox/Linux command prompt. Make sure you don't allow others to connect via telnet or they can corrupt your camera's firmware, as well as finding out your camera's username or password remotely.The 720p stream uses about 450kB/sec while the 640x480 web browser stream uses 1.5MB/sec. If less bandwidth than this is available, the framerate will be reduced.
    A standard version of the MayGion MIPS camera which works well enough. But be careful if you put it online as it is quite easy to accidentally make your camera freely accessible to the entire world.
  • Works as requested

    posted by maurermeister79

    - Easy to install (like nearly every IP camera)- looks really professionel
    The cam can easily be mounted to the ceiling.I disconnected the inner cable for power an LAN and connected it directly to a thin power cable - so I needed only a small hole in the ceiling!LAN does not work anymore (logical, I disconnected the cable) but WIFI works perfect.
    The cam is recommended for
  • Great LAN cable

    posted by tinymouse

    Works like a normal "phat" LAN cable but takes less space because of its flat design. It looks really great next to the wall.
    I haven't bought a LAN cable in ages because I've been using WiFi, but my current modem is so crappy that I decided to buy a cable to stay wired while I'm at home. I really like the flat design compared to the old-fashioned cables. Of course there is no problem whatsoever with the speed.
    A very cheap LAN cable with a great design. Just make sure it's long enough for your needs.
  • Great :)

    posted by Aaheimfans

    Very goodI guess not 3000metres outside, but mabye 1000, or so. Very good though!Good stability.Easy installation.Cheap!
    Not that useful for my use, but if you got bad connection, buy it! :)
    Very cheap, buy if u got not that good connection, good for hacking also, i guess..


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